What is competency-based education and how does it work? 

Competency-based education (CBE) is built with work readiness in mind. Courses and assessments are based in competencies, which define what will be expected of professionals in this industry or profession. These competencies are identified by and built with employers to ensure relevance in the job market.

Just like every Bow Valley College program, you still have access to dedicated faculty for each course and to student services like our Academic Success Centrecounsellingcareer servicesacademic advising, and library to help you succeed! You are never alone whether you take a traditional or competency-based education program at Bow Valley College. 

Why would I want to take a competency-based education program?

Courses that set you up for success

We build our courses by working with experts who do the job and leaders who do the hiring. Therefore, you can be confident what you learn will match what will be expected of you on the job.

Not only will you have the skills, you’ll also be able to identify and describe those skills, so you’ll be ready to perform in the job interview.

Assessments that help you grow

In competency-based courses you’ll always know exactly what is expected of you in an assessment. Never guess what is on the final exam again.

Bow Valley College’s registration, tuition, grading, and other learner policies apply to this and all Bow Valley College programs. See our Student Policies page to learn more

Competency-based education programs available now

Cloud Computing Post Diploma Certificate

Get the skills you need to develop and implement cloud systems and applications. Build your coding and applied systems management skills. 


Data Management Analytics (DMA) Post Diploma Certificate

Gain the data knowledge necessary to help employers become more efficient, and productive, and embrace the digital revolution.


Education Assistant Certificate

Learn to provide high-quality classroom experiences for children and adolescents with a broad range of abilities and needs.



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