Program Description

Learners will develop and implement cloud systems and applications, gaining practical experience with open standards and systems, development operations, infrastructure automation, and platform interoperability, with an emphasis on applied security principles. The program builds coding skills, and applied systems management skills. Graduates will be prepared to lead and further organizational change, as often required in the implementation of cloud systems.

This program is taught through an innovative and flexible learning option called competency-based education. 

Competency-based education (CBE) is a flexible learning option that gives you more control over pacing and workload.

Learn about competency-based education 

Potential Graduate Career Opportunities

Exciting career opportunities await in the public and private sectors, including companies and corporations, non-profit agencies, and government agencies.

  • Cloud Application Analyst
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architect
  • Cloud Application Architect
  • Software Developers – Cloud Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud Integrated Portfolio Seller
  • Cloud Architect – Information Technology


Domestic Applicants

Welcome Centre
South Campus – Main Floor

Admission Requirements

Academic requirements
  • Completion of a diploma or equivalent in business administration, information technology, engineering, or software development
  • Credit in Math 30-1 or Math 30-2 or equivalent       
English language proficiency requirements

For applicants whose first language is not English, please review English language proficiency requirements.

Please note
  •  Learners are expected to have programming experience or to complete a preparatory course
  •  A laptop computer meeting minimum specifications is required for this program (see below)
  •  Additional course-specific software may be required

Laptop specifications
  • Intel quad core CPU (i5 or i7)
  • 8GB RAM (16GB recommended)
  • 13 inch 1080p screen (15 inches recommended)
  • a dedicated graphics card with 2GB of VRam
  • 128GB solid state hard drive (256GB recommended)
  • portable hard drive (for data backup)
  • Windows 10


Course Listing 

  • CLCM3101 - Cloud Application Requirements and Specifications
    (3 credits)
  • CLCM3401 - Cloud Architecture Design and Implementation Planning
    (3 credits)
  • CLCM3301 - Implementing Cloud Applications
    (3 credits)
  • CLCM3302 - Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for Cloud Applications
    (3 credits)
  • CLCM3303 - Designing Cloud Development and Deployment Environments
    (3 credits) 
  • CLCM3202 - Secure Cloud DevOps
    (3 credits) 
  • CLCM3203 - Governance for Cloud Applications
    (3 credits)
  • CLCM3304 - Advanced Cloud DevOps
    (3 credits)
  • CLCM3999 - Cloud Computing Capstone Project
    (3 credits) 


Domestic Applicants

Welcome Centre
South Campus – Main Floor

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