What is a post-diploma certificate?

A post-diploma or post-baccalaureate certificate is a college-level credential acquired by individuals wishing to update their skills, learn a new technology, or learn the management side of their industry. This higher level of certification can help you achieve a career change, a promotion, or improve your knowledge of your industry in as little as eight months.

To be considered for a post-diploma certificate, in most cases, you need to have completed a minimum of a two-year academic program like a diploma. For a post-baccalaureate certificate, we usually require you to have a three- or four-year degree.

Choose from the following post-diploma certificates:

Or explore our Data Management and Analytics Post-Baccalaureate Certificate.


Five reasons a post-diploma is right for you.

A post-diploma certificate or post-baccalaureate certificate is an academic, college credit program that is different from continuing education or traditional graduate studies. Is it right for you?

  • I’ve completed a bachelor’s degree but don’t feel I’m career-ready. Just as your bachelor’s degree was an excellent opportunity to develop academically, theoretically, and culturally, a post-diploma or post-baccalaureate certificate can give you practical, hands-on, work-ready skills that align with what you’ve learned in your degree program.
  • I’ve immigrated to Canada and want a Canadian credential. If you’ve already completed post-secondary (college or university) studies in your previous country, a post-diploma or post-baccalaureate certificate is an excellent way to supplement your previous education with a higher-level Canadian credential from a nationally-recognized public college.

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