Who we support

Students accepted in Bow Valley College programs are eligible to access Academic Advising services.
Are you an International Student in need of skills and resources needed to live, study and work in Alberta? if so, please contact International Education.

Please note, appointments can be made up to 2 weeks in advance. You will require your student ID and MyBVC email address to complete a booking.


What we do

Academic Advisors provide students with the tools needed to reach their educational goals at Bow Valley College. Our services include:

Tailored program plans

  • Course load changes
  • Next steps if you are unsuccessful in a course
  • General program planning
  • How to pick courses each term

Online registration help

  • How to navigate MyBVC
  • How to register for courses on MyBVC
  • How to drop or withdraw from course on MyBVC
  • How to waitlist for a course on MyBVC

Student policies and program requirements

  • Understanding student policies
  • Understanding program pre-requisites and completion requirements
  • General Transfer Credit information (*no assessment)

General FAQs:


Online course registration is available to learners registered in most programs. Exceptions apply to School of Health and Wellness, Regional Stewardship, and English Language Learning programs. You'll register using MyBVC. If you are eligible to register, you will receive an email with details outlining when registration opens for your program. Please check MyBVC often, as this is where the College will send communications. Video tutorials are also available on the Online registration page.

Program Course Lists include detailed information about your program requirements. Need to check which courses are in your program before registering? Not sure about pre-requisites, minimum passing grade requirements, credit count, or course availability? Program Course Lists are a great planning resource. Students should connect with Academic Advising to learn more about course selection.

Students will only see and can only register for courses in the upcoming term. There are a maximum number of credits that students can register for in each term.

Students who attempt to register in more than the allowed number of credits will receive a warning message that they've reached their maximum course load. Note: Some courses are available only once per year. Students should connect with Academic Advising to learn more about course availability.

A pre-requisite is a course that a student must pass before registering in a more advanced course.

A co-requisite is a course that a student must take before or at the same time as another course

An elective is a 3-credit course used to fulfill a programs completion requirement. Electives provide students with the opportunity to focus on specific areas on interest within your program. Please note, not all programs have electives.

Your courses will appear on the My Courses page on MyBVC.ca

Your week-by-week schedule will appear on the My Schedule page. Click the Next button to view upcoming weeks.

If a course is full please place yourself on the waitlist. Where demand warrants, Bow Valley College may maintain waitlists for courses. Waitlists provide opportunity for registration in the order in which learners add their name to the list. Waitlists dissolve before the start of each term. If a seat becomes available, you will receive a MyBVC.ca email asking you to accept the seat within 48 hours. If you do not accept the seat in time it will go to the next student and you will be removed from the waitlist. For more information visit Waitlist for Courses.

Please make sure you are aware of the drop deadlines for your course. Deadlines are on the Important Dates page (applies to courses scheduled for the duration of the term).

The drop deadline allows you to drop course and receive a refund. A notation will not appear on your transcript. After the drop deadline, you will not be eligible for any tuition refund and you’ll see a ‘W’ on your transcript. For more information visit Dropping and Withdrawing from courses. Students should connect with Academic Advising before dropping any courses. 

Please make sure you are aware of the withdraw deadlines for your course. Deadlines are on the Important Dates page (applies to courses scheduled for the duration of the term).

A ‘W’ on your transcript means you attempted a course and chose to withdraw after the drop deadline but before the end of the course. A “W” will be placed on your Official Transcript if you withdraw from a course. A “W is not calculated into your GPA. For more information visit Dropping and Withdrawing from courses. Students should connect with Academic Advising before dropping any courses. 

All career programs have a minimum full-time credit load of 9 credits. Learners who carry less than 9 credits in a term are part-time. Certain fees may be different for full-time and part-time students. For more information please visit the Full-Time and Part-Time status page.

Registration Troubleshooting

Academic Advisors cannot register students into full classes. Please make sure you are checking MyBVC.ca to see if a seat becomes available. If there’s a waitlist, please place your name on the waitlist. 

Students cannot register in courses with overlapping schedules. 

All courses will finish before the time listed in the course schedule to allow for transition time.

There are different course delivery modes to choose from. Not all course modes are available for all courses or programs, and not all courses are available each term. Delivery modes, descriptions, and availability of courses each term is subject to change. For more information, please visit the Course Delivery Modes page.

Program Course lists include detailed information about your program requirements. Students cannot take a course without meeting the pre and co-requisites. Need to check which courses are in your program before registering? Not sure about pre-requisites, minimum passing grade requirements, credit count, or course availability? Program Course Lists are a great planning resource. 

Bow Valley College may need to cancel courses and student registrations due to low registration numbers. The College will notify students of cancelations. The Office of the Registrar may deregister students from courses who:

  • do not meet the conditions of their program acceptance.
  • do not meet prerequisites or co-requisites
  • do not pay required fees by the deadline posted.
  • miss any classes during the add-drop period without prior notification to the instructor (who are then considered a no-show)
  • violate any Bow Valley College policies; or
  • are under suspension for academic or non-academic reasons. 

Program Planning

Please contact Academic Advising. When emailing or leaving a voicemail, include your name, Student ID number, program, and your specific question(s). Including this information will result in a faster response time.
Please review the Program Course Lists in effect at the start of your program. Students are should connect with Academic Advising to learn more about course selection.
Students should connect with Academic Advising to discuss a program plan.
If you are a domestic student interested in changing programs, please contact Academic Advising If you are an International student, please speak with an International Student Advisor. Their email address is international@bowvalleycollege.ca
Bow Valley College limits the period students must complete certificate and diploma programs. Students have three years and five years for certificate and diploma program completion. This is inclusive of periods of time when students are not taking courses. Students who do not complete their program within the required time limits will be withdrawn from the program. Please note Programs may set different limits for periods of time for program completion. These requirements are available in the Academic Continuance and Graduation Procedure (#500-1-5).
Yes. Applying to graduate is the first step to officially graduate from your program study. It lets us know that you have completed all your courses and that you are in your last term of study. It is not the same as the Convocation Ceremony registration. If you are currently completing your final term of studies, please visit the Apply to Graduate page for more information

Transfer Credit

If you completed college or university courses before, please visit the Transfer Credits page. Please contact transfercredit@bowvalleycollege.ca for more information.
Your transcripts reflect the courses you have taken at the College. If you took a course as part of a specific program, they will appear under the term you completed the course. Some programs have the same course requirements. When assessing your program completion, we will be able to see the completed courses. Those completed courses can be applied to the requirements for both programs. There is no need to apply for transfer credit if you completed a course at Bow Valley College.

Tuition Fees

The Tuition and Fees page contains our detailed tuition and fee information. All tuition and fees are subject to change. Program tuitions are estimates only. Your tuition and fees are accessible under "Statement of Account" in MyBVC. You may also request a Statement of Account from Registrar Services. For information on how to pay, view, and understand your tuition and fees please visit the Paying your tuition and fees page.
You can use this online site to check for the books you need as well as prices. The online ordering process allows you to choose to pick up your order at the Bookstore or have it sent out to you by Canada Post or courier (at your cost). Buy your textbooks here: Bow Valley College Bookstore Apparel, Merchandise, & Gifts (bkstr.com)

Official Letters and Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are available on MyBVC.ca

Your transcript is an official record of all the courses you have taken while at Bow Valley College. Please visit the Transcripts page to find out how you can request your Official Transcript through MyCreds.
Please visit the Official College Letters page to find out how you can request an official college letter through MyCreds. This service is only available for registered students.

Student Resources

Learner Success Services helps in the following areas:

  • Technology Support
  • Financial Aid, scholarships, and bursaries
  • Career Services
  • Services for Students with Disabilities
  • Counselling
  • Learning Coaches
  • Writing Support
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Library and Learning Commons
  • Opioid Awareness
  • Sexual Violence Support
  • Mental Health Training

Student life

  • Intercultural Centre
  • Volunteering
  • Students’ Association of Bow Valley College
  • Iniikokaan Centre
  • RISE
  • Multi-Faith Space
  • BVC Pride
  • Co-curricular Record
  • Student Discounts
  • Community Resources
  • Reading Week Events
  • Learner Survey

Campus Services

  • Campus Security
  • Safe Walks
  • Imagine Health Centre
  • Child Care
  • Lockers
  • Printing Services
  • Food Services
  • Bookstore

Financial Services

  • Financial Aid
  • Student loan information sessions
  • Scholarships and Bursaries
  • Funding information for Indigenous students
  • Government of Alberta Learner Income Support
  • Cost estimator
  • ATB Centre for Financial Empowerment
  • Refunds
  • Tax Receipts (T2202)


Student Forms and Policies

An appeal is a request by a learner to review a decision that they do not agree with. For general appeal information please visit the Learner Appeals page.
You may only attempt a course a maximum of three (3) times regardless of whether you received credit for the course in a previous term and course withdraws. This information is accessible in the Learner Credit Registration Policy (#500-1-17).
A student is placed on Academic probation if they do not meet with required academic performance for their program. They will have the opportunity return to Satisfactory Academic Standing. If you on Academic Probation, please contact Academic Advising. An advisor can discuss academic probation in more detail and where you can go from here to be successful in your program. Information is available in the Academic Continuance and Graduation Policy (#500-1-5).

Your first step is to submit an Application for Re-admission form after the allotted timeframe has passed. If your request for re-admission is approved, please book an appointment with Academic Advising for a plan. Students reentering a program may need to take additional courses due to changes in program completion requirements or to assist with successful reentry into the program.

Re-admission is granted to learners who were last active in that program within the previous three years and have accumulated at least 15 credits. Students who left the program due to academic continuance must follow the procedures within the Admissions Policy (#500-1-2). Individuals under consideration for re-admission are subject to the following:

  • Review of previous academic standing
  • Meeting the current admission requirements for the program

Students must complete their program according to the Academic Continuance and Graduation Policy (#500-1-5) and based on their re-admission program start date.

Students who have completed 15 credits in the above programs can declare an area of specialization by filling out the Declaration of Specialization form. If you have any questions about declaring a specialization, please speak to an Academic Advisor.

Technology Support

Students will need access to D2L Brightspace and MS Teams for all courses. Information on how to access D2L Brightspace and MS Teams is available on the Technology Services page . Each course has a dedicated instructor available. Please note, your courses may have scheduled lectures, assignments, or test dates. Access will be available on the first day of classes.

The Learner Technology Advisor provides educational technology support, training, and resources. Topics including:

  • D2L Brightspace
  • MS Teams
  • MS Office
  • General computer literacy
  • 3D printing
  • Virtual Reality

Please visit the Academic Success Centre page for more information.

Academic Advising is not a mandatory service. All students are encouraged to contact Academic Advising when program-related questions arise. Responsibility for course selection, planning, and meeting graduation requirements belongs to the student.

Contact us

Academic Advising

345 - 6 Avenue SE
South Campus, First Floor

Students are seen on an appointment basis. Call or email us to make an appointment.

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