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You should review the conditions on your study permit. You may need a Temporary Resident Visa to be allowed to re-enter Canada. Get more details

It depends on how far along you are in the application process. Different scenarios could take place when you try to re-enter Canada. Find out more

Persons who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada may require a visa to enter Canada. Find out if you need one and how to apply.

If you are an international student who is travelling with children to Canada, it is important to understand the different factors involved with enrolling your children into school. Please read these sections on the Immigration and citizenship Canada website to learn more:

Is there a cost to enroll my children into school?
You will be charged general school fees if you (the parent) have a valid study permit and if you are registered in:
• A full-time provincially recognized diploma program or full-time degree program of study that is a minimum of 2 years in duration; or
• A full-time graduate or post-doctoral program of study that is a minimum of one year in duration.

*If you do not meet the above requirements, you may also be required to pay international tuition for your child, even if your child is enrolled in a public school. Please confirm your options with the specific school board you are interested in registering with.

How do I register my children into school?
The registration process for each type of school will be slightly different; refer to the websites for detailed information. However, in general, for public and Catholic school system, once a family arrives in Calgary, they would meet with a school board representative at an admission center to register in the appropriate grade levels. School boards can be reached by telephone, and additional information can be found on their websites:

The Calgary Board of Education (secular):
Phone: 1-403 817-7789
The Calgary Catholic School District:
Phone: 1-403-500-2007
Contact page:

Your spouse is eligible to work in Canada if they apply for and obtain an Open Work Permit.

Applying for Open Work Permit:
Indicate that they are the spouse of a full-time student in Canada and provide proof if asked.
* Example of proof would be a copy of your Enrolment Verification Letter and Study Permit.

  • They can apply for the work permit from inside or outside of Canada.
  • Their work permit may only be valid for the same duration as your study permit.

Please refer to the IRCC page for more information: Help your spouse or common-law partner work in Canada -

Until you receive permanent residence acceptance and proof of status change, you will be considered an international student. If you get permanent resident status during your studies and inform Bow Valley College with adequate documentation, you will be considered a domestic student from that point on. Tuition and fees will be adjusted accordingly for future terms of study. And we will tell you about the services and programs for domestic students.

You can pay your fees at a financial institution. You will need to order a receipt to make your deposit. You also need to mail your application and supporting documents along with a section of your receipt after you make the deposit.

Immigration and citizenship Canada provides detailed and up-to-date information about all immigration processes, including permanent residency. Here are some quick link that may be of your interest:

Any questions related to the permanent resident program should be addressed to Immigration and citizenship Canada or an authorized immigration consultant.

Depending on your current status, you might be required to hold a valid study permit if you intend to study in Canada. Please read the IRCC guidelines

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