Use this page for basic immigration information. But your main source of information should be Citizenship and Immigration Canada 

It's important to maintain your legal status. We strongly suggest you follow the guidelines by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Before making any changes as a temporary resident in Canada, make sure you:

  • Understand the conditions and restrictions on your study or work permit.
  • Know your study/work permit end date.
  • If you have questions, check Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website or contact them.

Remember: It’s your responsibility to follow Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s guidelines. This page is not a legal document. For legal information, refer to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Please visit for more information.

If you’re in Canada: You can email or call 1-888-242-2100 to speak to an agent.

If you’re overseas: Please call your nearest Embassy or Consulate.

Designated Learning Institution

Bow Valley College is proud to be a Designated Learning Institution. Our registration record is DLI # O19273769422. (The first character is the letter O.)

All our programs are Designated Learning programs. And all are eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit. Remember that when you apply for a study permit, you must provide the DLI number and your Letter of Acceptance. The Letter of Acceptance will confirm the number.

See the list of Designated Learning Institutions

Need to Apply for a Study Permit?

If you need more information about how to apply for a study permit please visit:

International Education

North Campus, N333 
345 - 6 Avenue SE

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