You must apply for research ethics approval if you are conducting research at Bow Valley College and/or are using Bow Valley College employees and/or learners as participants.

Before you apply for Research Ethics Board approval, please read:

Some specific types of research projects may be exempt from Research Ethics Board (REB) approval. To learn more, read: Is my research exempt from Research Ethics Board approval?

As a researcher, you have a responsibility towards your participants and to the integrity of your research. You also must fulfill specific obligations to the REB (e.g., annual completion report, reporting of any modifications, etc). To learn more, read: What are my continuing ethical responsibilities as a researcher?

Classroom research informs teaching and learning. Depending on the type of research, students or the instructor may need to apply for ethics approval before the research begins. To learn more, read about: I am having my students do a research project in class, do they need ethics approval? If you have questions, please contact

Why do I need to fill out an ethics application? Because proceeding with research without receiving REB approval is a form of academic misconduct. To learn more, read: Core Principles of Research Ethics

During the research ethics application process, please read:

Minimal risk is the risk experienced by individuals in their everyday life. Some research is considered "minimal risk." Other research may contain aspects that make it "more than minimal risk." To learn more, read: Explanation of Risk
What is the difference between Confidentiality and Anonymity? An easy way to tell the difference between the two is that confidentiality means "secret" and anonymity means "unknown." To learn more, read: Confidentiality vs. Anonymity
Informed consent is a process for gaining a participant's agreement to take part in a research study. It involves describing the research, the participant's involvement, and the potential risks and benefits. This lets participants make informed decisions about whether to take part in the research. To learn more, read: Explanation of Informed Consent
For any research, you must consider the risks and benefits for your research population. This is particularly important when working with special populations. This includes: Indigenous peoples, immigrants, people with disabilities, and women.You should involve special populations in your research process. This will help you discover their needs and identity risks and benefits to them. To learn more about working with Indigenous peoples, read: Research Involving First Nations
Do you need to submit an ethics application for an evaluation project? Evaluation often does not need research ethics approval. Yet, there is much overlap between evaluation and research. The evaluation project's intent and goals determine the need for ethics approval. Please contact Research Ethics for more information.
Secondary data is data collected before for one purpose and now will be analyzed for another purpose. You may need ethics approval for a project involving secondary data. Please contact for more information about using secondary data. 

You may submit an appeal to a decision made by the BVC Research Ethics Board about your ethics application. Red Deer Polytechnic or Northwestern Polytechnic considers BVC ethics application appeals. To learn more, read: Appealing REB Decisions.

For ethics forms, visit our Research Ethics Application Forms page.

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