The Research Ethics Board (REB) reviews ethics applications for approval of research with Bow Valley College employees and/or learners.

Research ethics applications are reviewed on a monthly basis except for in July, August, and December. Please contact for the next submission deadline for research ethics applications.

The REB follows Tri-Council Policy Statement guidelines. The REB meets once per month to review ethics applications based on 3 principles:

  • Respect for Persons - recognizes the intrinsic value of human beings and the respect and consideration that they are due and incorporates the dual moral obligations to respect participants' autonomy and to protect those with developing, impaired, or diminished autonomy.
  • Concern for Welfare - recognizes the need to protect the quality of a person's experience of life in all its aspects and to measure the risks and benefits of the research and how they will affect each participant.
  • Justice - the obligation to treat people fairly (treat all people with equal respect and concern) and equitably (distributing the benefits and burdens of research participation so no section of the population is put at more harm or denied the benefits of the knowledge generated from the research).
The board members for the 2023-2024 year are:
Bow Valley College Members
Corrine Ferguson (Chair) Academic Innovation and Extended Education 
Veena-Zarour-Murthy (Vice Chair) School of Global Access
Clare Howland
School of Health and Wellness 
Danica MacDonald School of Global Access
Gurpreet Bhatia Chiu School of Business
Mary Smith School of Foundational Learning
Yolanda Watson School of Community Studies
Jaime Fiddler Academic Innovation and Extended Education 
Lawrence Lucido Student Member
Aaron Brown Past Chair
External Members
Dr. Cynthia Gallop
Mount Royal University
Sarah Hamilton
Mount Royal University 
Dr. Augusto Legaspi  
Alternate Members
 Cristina Moldoveanu Constantinescu  School of Global Access
 Renée D Clark  School of Global Access

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Bow Valley College Research Ethics Board?
Do you have ethics or research experience?
We recruit new members every year from different departments of the college and from the community.
For more information, contact

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