500-3-2 Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Human Participants Policy
Policy 500-3-2 governs the conduct of research involving humans at Bow Valley College.
Description: Research involving human participants at Bow Valley College must comply with the 
Tri-Council Policy Statement on Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. Bow Valley College's Research Ethics Board (REB) and related committees govern the ethical conduct of human participant research linked to the College. This includes research with funding outside of Bow Valley College.
Supporting Procedure: 
500-3-2 Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Human Participants Procedure

500-3-3 Integrity in Research and Scholarship Policy
Policy 500-3-3 provides direction in establishing practices for maintaining high standards of integrity in research and scholarship. 
Description: Bow Valley College is committed to research integrity. We expect our staff and students to carry out research with ethical and scientific integrity. Such integrity requires careful supervision of all research. This includes competent use of methods, following ethical standards, and not engaging in research misconduct. 
Supporting Procedure: 
500-3-3 Integrity in Research and Scholarship Procedure

300-2-14 Intellectual Property Policy 
Bow Valley College recognizes that intellectual property is created in a variety of pursuits, including research, and that the contributions of and benefits to those participating in the creation of IP must be balanced by the contributions of and benefits to those commissioning and/or supporting the creation of the IP in cash and/or in-kind. Similarly, Bow Valley College respects the rights and recognizes the responsibilities of those exploiting or using intellectual property. 
Supporting Procedure:
300-2-14 Intellectual Property Procedure

500-3-4 General Research Fund Policy
A General Research Fund (GRF) is a special trust account established under the authority of the President of Bow Valley College (or the President’s authorized delegate) to support Bow Valley College researchers in their research and innovation activities. With a funder’s authorization, unspent funds of eligible expired or terminated grants are transferred to a Bow Valley College GRF. GRFs are intended to support research in alignment with College priorities, in the fields in which the original grants were awarded, or other strategic research goals as allowed by funder agreements. 
Supporting Procedure: 500-3-4 General Research Fund Procedure

500-3-5 Research Administration Policy
Bow Valley College engages in applied research activities aimed at solving specific problems or challenges faced by communities and organizations within their everyday context, rather than in pursuit of general knowledge creation. Bow Valley College administers such research in accordance with all institutional, granting agency and funder policies, guidelines and procedures; and fulfills all contractual obligations with granting agencies, funders, and clients.
Supporting Procedure: 
500-3-5 Research Administration Procedure

Bow Valley College's Research Data Management Strategy
In accordance with the Tri-Agency Research Data Management (RDM) Policy and the Ownership, Control, Access and Possession (OCAP) standard, the Bow Valley College outlines a RDM strategy to acknowledge the data management needs of Indigenous peoples, communities, and nations. This strategy will help the College bring awareness not only to the data management lifecycle but also to the education and needs of the people we serve within research. This strategy is integrative and holistic in its inclusion of RDM for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations.

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