You can access international students' forms, policies, and publications here. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these documents. To install Adobe Acrobat Reader, visit the Adobe website. We recommend that you download forms to your computer before filling them out rather than opening them in your browser.

Prospective and New Students

Getting Ready to Apply
  1. VAS System Application Overview
  2. Programs Viewbook 2023 (online version)
  3. Centre for Entertainment Arts (CEA) Viewbook 2023
  4. Centre for Entertainment Arts (CEA) Full Highlights
  5. Centre for Entertainment Arts (CEA) Programs Highlights Video
  6. The Foundation in Entertainment Arts Flyer
  7. Advanced 3D Animation & 3D Modeling Flyer
  8. Advanced VFX (Virtual Production) Flyer
  9. International Academic Documents by Country list 
  10. International ELL Program Brochure (English)
  11. International ELL Program Brochure (Cantonese)
  12. International ELL Program Brochure (Japanese)
  13. International ELL Program Brochure (Korean)
  14. International ELL Program Brochure (Mandarin)
  15. International ELL Program Brochure (Portuguese)
  16. International ELL Program Brochure (Spanish)
  17. International ELL Program Brochure (Vietnamese)
  18. International Student Application Guide
  19. Consent to Release Information Form
  20. Upgrading Application Form
After You Apply
  1. Payment Options
  2. Guide to Request a Payment to a Third Party
  3. Career Programs Estimated Living Expenses
  4. CEA Programs Estimated Living Expenses
  1. Learner Account Policy regarding Cancellations and Refunds
  2. Wire Transfer Form

New Students

  1. Webinars for International Students
  2. Welcome Checklist (Career)
  3. Study Permit Guide
  4. Accompanying Family Members Information
  5. Entrance Awards
  6. Guidelines for Course Registration for International Learners
  7. Virtual Campus Tour
Settling in Canada
  1. Alberta Health Care (AHC) Information
  2. Living in Calgary
  1. Online Learning at Bow Valley College
  2. Letter to International Students (English)
  3. Letter to International Students (Tagalog)
  4. Letter to International Students (Hindi)
  5. Letter to International Students (Punjabi)

Current Students

  1. MS Teams Set Up
  2. In-Course Awards
  3. Learner Pathways Awards
  4. Mobility Scholarship Application
  5. Steps to Graduate Checklist
  6. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP)
  7. MyBVC Help page


  1. PGWP Handout

International Development

  1. Internationalization Innovation Fund Evaluation Guide
  2. Internationalization Innovation Fund Proposal

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