What is Extended Education at Bow Valley College?
Extended Education at Bow Valley College generally provides advanced competencies and/or certification in selected occupations. Durations for completion can vary between courses.

Learners are responsible for course fees upon enrollment. Extended Education courses, in most cases, are not eligible for student loans. Unless otherwise stated, all Extended Education courses are ‘non-credit’ and fees do not include GST.

Extended Education courses and certificates may have academic and language requirements when registering, but academic requirements are generally not validated prior to enrollment.

For employers investing in employee education and training, financial assistance may be available through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

The successful completion of a Extended Education course may be recognized for credit through Bow Valley College credit transfer or through recognition of prior learning processes. However, learners interested in a credit certificate or diploma are strongly recommended to enroll in Open Studies.

What is Open Studies at Bow Valley College?

Open Studies at Bow Valley College is for learners who intend to complete a credit certificate or diploma or want to take academic courses for personal lifelong learning.

Learners who have not yet been accepted to a credit certificate or diploma program at the College may enroll in select courses within those programs. Successful completion will provide advanced credit to learners once registered in the credit program.

Open Studies allows an opportunity for learners to:
• Obtain advanced standing credits in a Bow Valley College Post-secondary program.
• Explore post-secondary program areas at Bow Valley College prior to making a commitment to a specific program.
• Enroll in a course of general interest without intent of applying to a certificate or diploma. 
• Enroll as a visiting student – currently enrolled at another post-secondary institution with a letter of permission.

For more information about Open Studies and how to apply, please visit the Open Studies page

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