What are micro-credentials?

Pivot-Ed micro-credentials are cost-effective, focused certifications obtained by demonstrating competencies required by industry. These short-term programs will help you build on your skills to meet the evolving needs of your industry’s demands or help you unlock your next career. 

Upskill and Reskill

A micro-credential creates an avenue for individuals to adapt to the rapidly changing economy. Because they are assessment first, they build on existing knowledge and experience and create a tailored experience to suit individual needs and address specific gaps.

Industry Collaboration

Pivot-Ed micro-credentials are built with employers and industry partners to meet their identified talent demands. We work with employers and expert practitioners to identify talent gaps, define competencies, and design performance-based learning activities and assessments so learners can develop and demonstrate the hard and soft skills needed in the job.

Time and Access

Micro-credentials are specific, flexible, and accessible to anyone. They support all learners in achieving success on a schedule that meets their needs. They help employers adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities.


Frequently Asked Questions

A micro-credential is a focused certification obtained by demonstrating competencies required by industry. They are displayed as secure and portable digital representations that can be instantly shared with employers. 

Micro-credentials are the result of a collaboration between Bow Valley College and industry in order meet the current and evolving needs of the workforce. Our micro-credentials are designed and delivered using a competency-based approach. This guarantees that earners of our micro-credentials can meet workplace demands.  

Micro-credentials offer an efficient – and cost-effective – route to reskill and upskill. They are job-focused and purposefully designed to help you respond to changing workforce demands and emerging opportunities with agility. 

Micro-credentials are accessible, short-term programs, meaning anyone and everyone can earn a micro-credential.  

Yes. One of the benefits of pursuing a micro-credential is that you control the pace of learning. In addition, when you need support, industry-experienced instructors are available to to provide guidance.  

Bow Valley College micro-credentials are unique in that success is not measured in time, but by performance. For learners who have experience in the related industry or discipline, it will be short, for learners new to the discipline, it may take longer. 

Bow Valley College micro-credentials are designed to align with job functions and job roles in the workforce. We work directly with employers and expert practitioners to design our micro-credentials, so you can be confident and job-ready when you succeed. 

Micro-credentials are particularly useful for new-comers to Canada who have experience and expertise in a particular discipline and are seeking Canadian recognition and a credential.

"Micro-credentials give employees a portfolio of skills and competencies that will help them to pivot in their career and meet the needs of the workforce. There is an assessment of skills, regardless of how they were acquired, and then formal recognition for those skills is given with a Bow Valley College micro-credential."

Dr. Misheck Mwaba

President and CEO, Bow Valley College

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