Changing student futures one alumni donor at a time

The generosity of others inspired one grad to create of a memorial fund to give back.

Bow Valley College is proud of the generosity of our donors, and we love to facilitate connections between them and the students they support. This gives donors the opportunity to see firsthand the impact they’ve had, which is often evident by the alumni who become donors themselves because of the support they received.

Jennifer Robinson was once the recipient of financial support from awards and bursaries as a student in the Practical Nursing diploma program. The funding supported her as she pursued her education as a single mother of two young children. She knew one day she wanted to give back and provide the same support for other students to realize their dreams.

"I wanted to help others succeed the same way I had. I received gifts while going through there,” says Jennifer. “Financial aid can be life-changing. I wouldn't have made it without it."

Last year, Jennifer established the Russel and Helena Memorial fund, and in the fall of 2022, Practical Nurse Diploma student Meghan Anderson was the first recipient.

Like Jennifer, Meghan is also the single mother of one child. Meghan knew she wanted to become a nurse after she gave birth to her son and discovered he was seriously ill. It was a nurse that realized something was wrong, and Meghan believes it was that nurse’s skills and knowledge that saved her child’s life.

The award funded by Jennifer has helped Meghan care for her son while pursuing her education, which Meghan hopes to use to make a difference.

“I would love to eventually end up with a job at the Alberta Children's Hospital and work with children. It has been a dream of mine for many years, so it is very exciting to finally be on track to get there,” says Meghan. “I am a single mom to a 10-year-old boy. He has some medical needs as well, so it has given me so much knowledge.”

Meghan chose Bow Valley College because of its positive reputation with nursing students. It was important to her to choose an institution that was supportive of student learning and helping graduates find success in their chosen field.

“I am excited for my future in this industry,” says Meghan.

The power of supporting students and giving back is seen in stories like Jennifer’s and Meghan’s. It can be a pivotal factor in removing barriers and allowing students to pursue their educational goals and reach their full potential. The support of our donors is invaluable to Bow Valley College students, and we are always grateful to have such an involved and committed donor community.

Learn more about how you can give back here: Give to Bow Valley College. 


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