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Last updated: June 18, 2020
In this page you can find information and supporting materials around computers and online learning.




What do I need to take courses online/remotely?

To access course materials on the Learning Management System (Brightspace D2L) and for applications like MS Teams or other online resources that may be required, you will need access to a computer/laptop and reliable internet/wifi.

Depending on the course you take, the delivery mode of the course, and the kinds of interaction required with your instructor and classmates, devices like a microphone, speakers, or a headset with a microphone may be necessary to participate. You may also need a web camera (internal or external) for your computer/laptop. For specific information about your course(s) requirements, please contact your program


Combined Online (COOL)

A course delivery mode that combines elements of non-scheduled and scheduled activity. Learners will be able to participate partly at times of their own choosing and are also required to participate in some scheduled online learning activities. Scheduled exams may be required.


Real-time Online (RTOL)

A course delivery mode where learning activity takes place through scheduled interaction through the use of online communications technologies at locations of the learners own choosing. Learners ARE required to participate in online learning activities at scheduled times, and scheduled exams may be required.


Any-time Online (ATOL)

A course delivery mode where learning activity takes place at times and locations of the learners own choosing through the use of online communications technologies. Learners are NOT required to participate in any scheduled learning activities, but scheduled exams may be required.


I do not have a computer or internet service at home to complete my course remotely – what do I do?

We understand this is a challenging time for our students. We have looked into all options, but it is not possible to provide our students with laptops and the internet. Consider your network of friends, neighbours and family, who may be able to assist with your technology needs. Review the list of community resources which may provide options to explore.  The College has Financial Need Bursaries available for which you may qualify.  Go to to apply.


I am getting an error message when trying to log into MS Teams.  What do I do?

Please ensure that you use your "myBVC" username and password to access your virtual classes on MS Teams


What are online classes?

In an online class is everything is done remotely using online tools.  Please see the information above about types of courses for more information. You may already be familiar with some of these tools, such as D2L and email. If you've never taken an online class before, or need some help using D2L tools and features, try these resources:  


My final exams invigilation site has cancelled due to COVID-19. What is my next step?

The College is looking into alternate methods for examination.  Your instructor will advise you of these changes once this has been determined at the College. You may also inquire directly with your instructor in the meantime. Thanks for your patience.  


I’ve been told that I need a computer to write my final exam, and I do not have the required technology (Computer, webcam, etc).  What is my next step?

We have looked into all options, but it is not possible to provide our students with computers, webcams or the internet. We do want to continue to help you.

Ask your instructors if they have another option for you to complete your exam. Consider your network of friends, neighbours and family, who may be able to assist with your technology needs. Review the list of community resources which may provide options to explore.


What is Microsoft Teams? 

In addition to D2L, your class may also be using some new tools like Microsoft Teams to help you learn. Your instructor may use Teams to hold an online class – so you can see and hear the instructor and ask questions, just like in a regular face-to-face class. You may also use Teams to chat with your classmates and work on projects – you can chat and share ideas just like you would if you were meeting in the cafeteria or library. 

For more info on using Microsoft Teams, please read our MicrosoftTeams_Learner_GetStarted


Where do I find resources on MS Teams and being a successful online learner?

All students have access to the course, LSS101 on D2L. In this course, you will see a new module titled "Your Remote Experience." In this module, you will find helpful videos, MS Teams guides, D2L information and online learning tips and tricks.   

You can also email to get help with online learning. 


I have a computer at home, but my Wi-Fi connection is terrible.  What do I do? 

Shaw has opened up Shaw Go Wi-Fi to everybody. Shaw will give everyone complimentary and unrestricted access to Shaw Go Wi-Fi network hotspots regardless of whether or not they're a Shaw customer. 

Rogers has also waived data caps for internet plans in response to COVID-19 for internet customers. All of this also applies to Fido customers. 

TELUS will waive home internet overage charges through until the end of April for customers who are not on unlimited plans and have overage charges. Further, the carrier will waive all Easy Roam and Pay Per Use mobility roaming charges for TELUS and Koodo customers stuck in areas with Level 3 advisories, such as China and Italy until the end of April. TELUS will also provide flexible payment options so that customers don't have to worry about paying their bills on time if they are financially impacted by the outbreak.


My Mac laptop does not accept the new application for online exam.  What are my options?

As a first step, please talk to your instructor.  If your issue cannot be resolved and you believe it is technical in nature, please email and provide the specific details (including screenshots if available) regarding the problem you are having. 

More information is available here about computer requirements.



MS Teams Leaner Support Page

For videos and downloadable PDFs on MS Teams please visit here.

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