Many types of copyrighted materials are in college courses including:

  • Articles
  • Photos
  • Graphs
  • Poems
  • Stories
  • Music
  • Items from the Internet

Many materials that students use and create are protected by copyright. Using materials without permission is very serious. Bow Valley College needs its teachers, staff and students to respect copyright law.

If you have more questions go to the Introduction to Copyright page. 

Fair Dealing

Fair Dealing is a section in the Copyright Act. It allows for use of small parts of a work to be used without asking for permission. The Fair Dealing Guidelines can help you decide if you can use something for your studies or assignments. The College has a Copyright Evaluator to help you go through the Fair Dealing Guidelines. Please choose the student login. Note: No personal information is collected. To learn more about copyright, visit our Introduction to Copyright or Fair Dealing pages.

Assignments and presentations

Students want to include items created by others in their course work. These items must be checked to see if they follow copyright.

When using a copyrighted work a full citation must go with the item. Not including a citation would be plagiarism. Plagiarizing works violates Bow Valley College's Academic Honesty Policy.

If a student’s assignment is to be copied and shared. Copyright permission must be obtained from the student.

Copying for personal use

Students may copy small parts of materials that they need for their personal studies. There are guides to help decide how much material can be used. See our Fair Dealing Guidelines. The copies may be added in course assignments. If many copies of the assignments are being shared, permission may be needed.


If you wish to record a lecture, you need to ask the teacher for permission. You own the copyright to any notes that you make in the classroom.


A list of sites to obtain various types of resources that can be used can be found on the Finding Teaching Resources page.

Plagiarism and Academic Honesty

All students are to follow the Academic Honesty Policy. The videos below show some of the academic honesty issues.

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