Students accepted and enrolled in these pathway programs will be considered as conditionally meeting the English language proficiency requirements for most of Bow Valley College’s certificates and diploma programs.


Exceptions: ELL Pathway programs do not apply to programs with a proficiency requirement that is higher than IELTS 6.0 or is more restrictive than the general English language proficiency requirement at the college. The programs excluded from the pathway programs are:

  • Health Care Aide Certificate
  • Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant Diploma
  • Pharmacy Technician Diploma

For exceptions and updates, please review the English language proficiency requirements.

Bow Valley College International English Language Learning Program

Students registered in our in-house International ELL program can be considered for conditional acceptance into most of our programs considering that they also meet the academic requirements of the programs.

IMPORTANT NOTE!Every application for English Language Learning (ELL), will be assessed as per the ELL program requirement and the School of Global Access will place the applicant in the course level which matches their English test. Then our team will communicate the number of terms of ELL to the applicant. We can only assign maximum three terms of ELL. If the student is also conditionally accepted to a career program start date and the number of ELL terms is longer than the career program start date, the conditional acceptance will be forfeited. Students need to be prepared to consider alternate options if they're placed in a lower lever ELL that will interfere with their conditional career program start date.

Please visit the International ELL webpage for more information about our program.

English Language Learning Partner Institutions

Bow Valley College has established pathway partnerships with the following ELL providers through which you can conditionally meet the English language proficiency requirements for most of our programs (Except the Pharmacy Technician Diploma, Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant Diploma and Health Care Aide Certificate programs):

English School of Canada
Final requirement: completion of the University & College Transfer Program (UCTP) with a minimum grade of 70%.

Pathway contact:

Final requirement: completion of the University Pathway 3.2 Program with a minimum passing grade (average of 70%).

Pathway contact:;

ILSC Language Schools
Final requirement: completion of the University Pathway Advanced 2 (A2) Program with a minimum grade of B (average of 70%).

Pathway contact:;

Global Village 

Final requirement: completion of Level 6 (GV6) with a minimum grade of 80%

Pathway contact:

Rosedale Academy
Final requirement: completion of the English for Academic Purposes program Level 4 with a minimum grade of B (75-79%).

Pathway contact:

Royal Canadian Institute of International Studies (RCIIS)
Final requirement: completion of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program with a minimum grade if 70%.

Pathway contact:

Bayswater Education / Formerly Stafford House
Final requirement: completion of the University Preparation Program Level 6 with a minimum grade of 80%.

Pathway contact:

Tamwood Language Centres

Final requirement: completion of the Pathway Program (EAP 194) with a minimum grade of 70%/required certificate.

Pathway contact:

University of Calgary English Language Program

Final requirement: completion of the ESL Semester Program, Level 6: Upper Advanced with a minimum grade of B+ in each of the following courses:

  • ESL 610 – Academic Grammar and Composition
  • ESL 620 – Academic Reading and Vocabulary
  • ESL 630 – Academic Speaking and Listening

See UofC ELL brochures.

Pathway contact:


Document Validity for All Above Pathway Programs
The certificate or letter of completion are only valid for a period of 2 year after program completion. Results that expire prior to the Start Date of the program cannot be accepted. Official results must be submitted.


Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
Final requirement: completion of SAIT’s English Language Foundations (ELF) Level 5 (Communications 5 - COMN155 and Speech 5 - SPCH 155) with a minimum mark 75% or B.

Pathway contact: 

SAIT English Language Foundations Program: we require proof of enrolment in showing registration in both Speech (SPCH155 ) and Communications (COMN155) Level 5. Please connect with us to guide you in obtaining the proper document from SAIT at the time you submit your application for a program in Bow Valley College.  

Conditional Acceptance into Programs

Students planning to receive conditional acceptance into Bow Valley College programs through one of these pathway programs must:

  • Meet the academic requirements for the program (more information on our website).
  • Provide us with a copy of the Letter of Acceptance in the pathway program from our partner institution. The letter of acceptance must show the start and end date of the pathway program.
  • If a student meets the academic requirements and provides proof of acceptance into the pathway program, a conditional offer of admission will be sent based on seat availability.

Meeting the English Language Proficiency Conditions for Bow Valley College Programs

To meet the English language proficiency requirements for most of our programs the student must:

  1. Submit official transcripts from the partner institution by the deadline provided by Bow Valley College.
  2. The official transcripts should demonstrate that the learner has met the minimum required marks in the pathway programs.
  3. The official electronic transcripts must be sent by the partner institution directly to: with copy to
    Printed official transcripts must be sent by the partner institution directly to:
    Bow Valley College - Office of the Registrar
    345 - 6 Avenue SE
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada | T2G 4V1

4   Students who do not meet the conditions of the minimum mark required by the deadline given in the offer of admission will have their application for the program closed for failing to meet the condition. No adjustments in start dates will be given and confirmation fee will remain non-refundable and non-transferable. Please refer to the Learner Account Policy for details on refunds.

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