Do you want to gain more confidence in solving complex problems? How about increasing your consistency at finding the relevant information needed to make good decisions? Would becoming more familiar with different types of workplace materials improve your comfort-level when learning new tasks?

At Bow Valley College you can fine tune your literacy and essential skills before you begin working in your field of study. Regardless of your background or comfort level in reading, using forms and documents, or working with numbers, if you are a registered career program student, then the Workplace Essential Skills at Bow Valley College (WES at BVC) training program is an opportunity to receive valuable feedback on your levels of literacy and essential skills as you start your program.

The process begins in your first semester of study by writing the Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES) to benchmark your literacy and essential skills in the areas of reading text, document use, and numeracy against program standards. Your TOWES results will be used to help inform what kind of skill building support we can offer you during your time as a career program student at Bow Valley College. Next, if you are unsuccessful in meeting your programs required benchmarks, you can participate in a no-cost training program to begin fine tuning your skills. Finally, you will have the opportunity to rewrite the TOWES exam to complete the process.

Take advantage of this free service as soon as you begin your career program. We offer flexible scheduling options for both testing and training components each term. Start the process early to ensure that you do not run into challenges completing all of its requirements.

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