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Bow Valley College is the recipient of the 2019 Fairtrade Canada Community Builder award! This award is given to the group who exemplified the spirit of partnership and community support by connecting to and mentoring the broader fair trade community. Thank you to all the learners, staff, and faculty who have supported Fair Trade at Bow Valley College. We are also grateful to Sodexo and Fair Trade Calgary for their extensive help.
What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade supports fairer conditions and better prices for people in the Global South who grow and make our products: whether it’s the coffee we drink, the cocoa in our chocolate, or the cotton in our t-shirts. Under Fair Trade, producers are paid a living wage, assured safe working conditions, and trained in environmentally responsible farming methods (Source: Fairtrade Canada).

The Fair Trade Campus Program recognizes colleges, CEGEPs and universities which have committed to Fair Trade products. Bow Valley College is working towards Fair Trade Campus designation.

How does Bow Valley College support Fair Trade?

Bow Valley College provides Fair Trade coffee and tea in our staff kitchens. We also work with our partners at Sodexo to ensure Fair Trade products are available for purchase in the Market. We run events to raise awareness about Fair Trade throughout the year. In 2020, Bow Valley College participated in the National Fair Trade Conference in Calgary.

Where can you find out more about Fair Trade?

Learn more about Fairtrade Canada at www.fairtrade.ca.

Please see our purchasing page to learn more about Bow Valley College's sustainable purchasing projects.

COMSA Cooperative, Honduras. Coffee farmer Mario Rodolfo Perez Manueles, near the city of Marcala in Honduras. From Fairtrade Canada

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