Transport Canada continues to update travel restrictions and expectations on a frequent basis. Travelling students must visit the travel Canada website before departure to determine the latest travel requirements. It's recommended that when you travel, you use a N95 mask.

Study Permit Guide


Important updates on travel rules and quarantine

Students are responsible for checking additional travel requirements through the travel Canada website.

  • As of January 15, 2022, international students who are 18 years old and older should be fully vaccinated to enter Canada. Please read details here.

Check Travel Requirements 

We have provided a summary of information below. However, this is not fully inclusive of all the information you will receive on the IRCC website. Check border measures here.

Requirements for fully vaccinated Students age of 18 years old or over


You need to set up your ArriveCAN account before you travel and enter your proof of vaccination and travel information. Details here.

Proof of vaccination

Please find details here.

Arrival Test
Fully vaccinated students will be randomly selected for an arrival test at the first Canadian airport upon your arrival. Find details here.

* If you're traveling with minor children  please check for details here.

Webinars for International Students

Join our in-house Immigration Specialist and International Learners Advisors, to learn the latest information on travelling to Canada, Work Permits & Working Off Campus, PGWP and more topics. Click here for all webinars schedule and links to register!


Review your Plan

** If you are an international student who is travelling with family members to Canada, it is important to understand the different factors involved with enrolling your children into school. Please review this document for more information.

For questions on planning for your arrival to Calgary, please book an appointment with an International Learner Advisor. Book an Appointment

IRCC Updates

IRCC has extended distance learning measure on August 25, 2022

International students who wait for a decision on their study permit application can study outside Canada.
Transition period for distance learning measures -

If you have submitted your study permit application before August 31, 2022: You can start your program and complete up to 50% of the program by August 31, 2023. The time spent on your studies will be added toward the total length of PGWP.

Students who are inside Canada or have received an approval on study permit application are expected to take in-person courses in Canada.

Study Permit Application and Refund Policy

Students who submit proof of a refusal letter after September 6, 2022 Students are not eligible for a refund of the tuition and fees paid.
Students who do not receive a response from IRCC after August 12, 2022. Students are not eligible for a refund of the tuition and fees paid.


Important Reminders

Travel window date

There is no set time frame for you to arrive in Canada before you begin your studies. You should just arrive to give yourself a reasonable amount of time to prepare before you start studying. You are not allowed to work on or off campus until you begin your studies in Canada. Students will need to provide evidence to demonstrate that they have the means to support themselves as a temporary resident in Canada. Check more here.

Please note: no tuition refunds after the add/drop deadline.

Housing options

Bow Valley College does not offer on or off-campus housing, however we offer a list of resources for housing options.

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