International learners are required to comply with the conditions of the International Student Program from Citizenship and Immigration Canada in order to work before and after graduating. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind in order to comply with IRCC:

Minimum Full-Time vs. Part-time Course Loads:

  • As an international student you must enroll as a full-time student during every semester to maintain eligibility to work off-campus or for the post-graduate work permit program. Please contact your Academic Advisor if you need support to enroll as a full-time student.

 If you are registering in online courses:

  • Some of our full-time programs offer online courses. As an international student, you can register for a blended delivery format,combining traditional class (face-to-face) delivery and some online courses to meet the minimum full-time load. Use CAUTION when choosing to register in online courses, it may affect your eligibility for a post-graduate work permit or the off-campus work permit.
  • Please refer to IRCC's guidelines concerning online courses, distance learning and full-time status and how to comply with eligibility for the different work permit programs when registering in online courses: 
          * Post-Graduate  Work Permit (see the section Distance Learning)
          * Off-Campus Work Permit (see the section Full-Time Status)
  • Each study term, the majority of the credits should be taken in-class (traditional delivery).
  • You have to complete your program with less than 50% of online courses to qualify for PGWP.

If considering transferring credits:

Academic breaks:

  • If considering including an academic break in your study plan please meet with the International Learner Advisor ( in advance.

If registering a practicum, internship or work experience:

  • You must hold a valid co-op work permit. Please click here for guidelines.


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