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Update on Government of Alberta budget announcement

Bow Valley College offers an enriched educational experience that supports our students in achieving long-term community and social success. 

We acknowledge that the recent Government of Alberta’s budget changes to our sector may cause uncertainty and concern. We are expecting more information from the government that details the impact these budget decisions could have on Bow Valley College. 

Currently, it is our understanding that the Government of Alberta is adjusting the Campus Alberta Grant based on the ability of each institution to withstand a funding reduction. Bow Valley College has a proven track record of operating in a fiscally responsible way; however, the cuts to the Campus Alberta Grant funding will be challenging to navigate. Bow Valley College will face a funding reduction of 7.9% by March 31, 2020, the end of the Government of Alberta’s fiscal year. 

Our primary focus at Bow Valley College is supporting our student’s learning journey, helping them find employment success in the field of their choice, or support their efforts to launch their own entrepreneurial initiatives. This will provide value to our industry and sector partners by meeting their workforce needs and drive economic development in our communities. We will work with the Government of Alberta to ensure we continue to meet emerging employments needs across all sectors in our province.

Laura Jo Gunter
President and CEO
Bow Valley College

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