Business and Technology Conference


500 students learn the secret to first job success

Successful graduates lead the way for new students at our Business and Technology Conference.

When Tanuj Sachdeva decided to take part in a mock interview exercise through the Chiu School of Business, he had no idea it would one day lead to a real job. 

Telling his story at the Business and Technology Conference, Tanuj describes one of his mock interviews with an employee from Scotiabank. At the end of the conversation, the employee told him to apply to Scotiabank in person and to use her as a reference. Four months later, Tanuj was working as a customer service representative. He has since been promoted twice, and is now a financial advisor at the Country Hills Town Centre branch. 

This is one of several stories of success that 500 students from the Chiu School of Business and the School of Creative Technologies got to hear on Thursday, October 24 at the Business and Technology Conference. The conference featured 12 sessions that aimed to prepare students for their first job out of school. The theme was “Creating Connections,” which focused on developing human skills, like workplace etiquette and professionalism, and how to respectively disagree with a coworker. 

Crystal Samela, program chair in the Chiu School of Business and the event organizer, says the conference’s purpose was “to provide a real-world conference experience to our students while offering interesting and applicable topics for them to supplement their classroom learning.”

Becky Shiu, a student who attended the session “Networking: How to Hustle” led by David Mitchell, President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, says the session allowed her to try out networking in a safe and informal environment. 

Crystal says she and her team look forward to designing another great experience for their students next year that provide inspiration with success stories like Tanuj’s experience. 

Posted on November 7, 2019

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