The Grand Harbour in Valetta, Malta


International Business and Culture Course Tours Europe

Students from the Chiu School of Business visited France, Italy, Malta, and Spain.

Imagine taking your education out of the classroom and into the streets of Europe? That’s what fourteen students and two instructors from the Chiu School of Business did when they recently travelled to Europe as part of the International Business and Culture course. They visited France, Italy, Malta, and Spain, to study European culture and business practices. And they travelled with students and instructors from Lethbridge College, who have university partners in Auxerre and Lyon, France.

The purpose of the trip includes, evaluating business opportunities and challenges in a host country, describing economies of scale within those countries, and applying principles of intercultural awareness and cross cultural communication techniques within a host country. It’s also an opportunity to visit new countries and experience the personal growth that comes with international travel.

After a three-day stop in Paris, the group visited the partner campuses, starting with a guided tour of the University of Burgundy in Auxerre. That was followed by a tour of Domaine Joël Rémy, a winery in Auxerre. Near Lyon, the students and instructors went to Renault Trucks’ engine plant and then they went to the other partner campus, the Business School of Lyon Catholic University.

In Pompeii, Genoa, and Messina, Italy as well as Valetta, Malta, the students prepared presentations on the top places to visit in those locations. “Every day was like walking into the unknown,” says Tate O’Dwyer, a Marketing Major student.

Take a look at the group’s photos of their adventure to Europe.

The group’s first stop was Paris. Adrialyn Estepa, a Financial Services Major student, says she went on the trip to see a new socioeconomic point of view. 


The trip combined mostly international students from Bow Valley College, with domestic students from Lethbridge College. Many of them didn’t know each other before the trip — even the Chiu students, as they are taking different majors.


The winery Domaine Joël Rémy is owned by the family of a former University of Burgundy student who did an exchange to Lethbridge College in 2014-15. 


Amidst a near record cold in Genoa, Italy, the students and instructors toured Old Genoa, which features some of the oldest banks in the world. “It’s up to you how you can learn and immerse [yourself] at the same time,” says Vienna Ventura, who is majoring in Human Resources.

The Lascaris War Rooms in Valetta, Malta, are an underground complex of tunnels and chambers that housed Britain’s War Headquarters in Malta during the Second World War. 

The office of the Prime Minister of Malta is located inside the historic Auberge de Castille in Valetta.

“[The trip has] made me think to go back to Europe sometime, to see a bit more: Venice, Rome,” says Tate.

Learning outside of the classroom can teach some real life lessons. These overseas trips, including last year’s trip to Japan, have helped students gain a respect and understanding of how hard it can be to navigate a foreign country where they don’t speak the language. They have also learned about cultural etiquette, and enjoyed the experience of meeting people in another country and creating shared moments.

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