Hospital Unit Clerk Shauna Visser

Smiling through adversity, Shauna Visser's focus is to help others.

When Shauna Visser registered in the Hospital Unit Clerk (HUC) program in 2018, she had already spent more hours in the hospital than many HUC grads. And she knows first-hand what it means to hear personal words of encouragement in times of a health crisis.

Shauna’s son was diagnosed with non-verbal autism at an early age and during his preschool years he completed four hours of intense therapy each day at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Previously Shauna and her family had banded together in support of her brother who was recovering from addictions. And most
recently Shauna’s father was diagnosed with cancer, bringing the family together again in the hospital setting to uphold each other in strength and support.
Shauna’s goal in life? Make others smile, especially if they are hurting.

As a single mom and her son in school full-time, Shauna was looking for renewed purpose and was inspired to pursue a career in health care where she could share her compassion and courage with others. She and her son moved back into her parents’ home where again the family rallied in support, as she commenced full-time classroom study in the HUC program.

“We all need purpose in life and I believe you get out of life what you put into it. I really wanted this certificate and to prove to everyone that I could do it. The HUC program gave me the support I needed to believe in myself. I came to Bow Valley College to learn and I flourished here.”

Shauna’s efforts and hard work paid off and she was recently named recipient of the prestigious Cal Wenzel Award ($5000). “I felt honoured just to be nominated and we all cried when I found out I was selected,” says Shauna.

Stephanie Price, HUC Lead Instructor, believes Shauna is a great role model for women in similar circumstances who aren’t sure if they can manage school, work, family, and life’s challenges. “Shauna is a shining example of someone who has been able to demonstrate resilience and strength. Her perseverance and attitude are amazing.”

Shauna has a heart for people and a passion for her new career as a Hospital Unit Clerk and plans to eventually return to school and become a registered nurse.

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