Software Development Hackathon


When "computer hacking" is not a bad thing

Our first-year Software Development Diploma students take on the competition.

Nico Beekhujis and Khushveen Smagh learned just how much they can push their limits at last month’s CalgaryHacks. 

Along with three of their classmates from the Software Development Diploma, the learners participated in the 24-hour hacking competition. They created a concept called Pet Entertainment Technology, a program which lets you play with your pet at home while you’re on the go. Khushveen says that had they had one month to do the same assignment, the result would have probably been the same – the 24-time limit made them realize just how much they’re capable of. 

Throughout the 24 hours, the group only paused their efforts at 4 a.m. to get a bit of sleep. “We were just so tired,” says Nico. 

The learners didn’t place in the finals, but they had a lot of fun. They’re quite certain they’ll participate next year. Faculty from the School of Creative Technologies were also proud of this group who, as first-year diploma students, competed alongside four-year degree students from local universities. 

Though Nico had some prior programming knowledge, most new learners in the Software Development Diploma have learned everything at the College – it was thanks to their first semester curriculum that they were prepared for CalgaryHacks. Specifically, they put their web development and Internet of Things knowledge to use. “We could do a lot with the knowledge that we have,” says Nico. 

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Posted on March 21, 2018

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