For this learner, our bookkeeping certificate added up

Holly Dawson found a flexible and fruitful career with our Bookkeeping Professional Certificate.

When Holly Dawson moved to Canmore in 2000, she loved the flexibility of working in a pub. But as she got older, she wanted a more solid career. However, she still wanted the flexibility of work hours and shifts she had enjoyed when she worked in the service industry. “Now that I’m in a relationship and have two amazing stepchildren, I want to be there for them,” says Holly. She also wanted to be able to go home to visit her family in Quebec, as more frequent trips were becoming necessary.

Before moving to Canmore, Holly went to school for business, and worked in administrative positions for about ten years in Montreal. A year and a half ago, she decided she would revive that business career, but work for herself. Holly enjoyed bookkeeping, and started doing the books for Tavern 1883, the restaurant where she works. At the same time, she enrolled in the Bookkeeping Professional Certificate at Bow Valley College.

Holly took all of her courses through our any-time online delivery. “Being able to do it when it fit into my schedule, that was what I liked about doing it online,” she says. 

She completed her certificate’s 11 required courses in eight months, and her grades were exceptional, says Anita Lai, administrative assistant at the Chiu School of Business. Holly however recommends to others that they take more time with their certificate than she did, as she felt crunched to finish one of her courses. 

Still, it’s thanks to Holly’s employer that she could afford to learn so much in so little time. Tavern 1883 funded her through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Had she not gotten that funding, she couldn’t have afforded to pay for all of the courses in so few months. 

Now, in addition to doing the bookkeeping at Tavern 1883, Holly is taking on a few clients of her own. She says the certificate gave her a solid foundation for starting her own company. “Everything has come in handy. Every single bit of knowledge.”

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Posted on March 28, 2018

Photo by Jordan Hames

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