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Child and Youth Care Diploma with an Indigenous focus

Krista Medicine Traveller uses her education to help herself and her community heal.

Krista Medicine Traveller had a difficult childhood, but eventually, she found peace and happiness. Now, she wants to help others in her community heal from similar wounds. 

Krista – who is in the Early Learning and Child Care Diploma – is from Siksika Nation. She grew up around a lot of addiction issues, and therefore, encountered many types of abuse. Now, when she sees others go through the same thing, she wants to help. “I have that compassion to want to help them,” she says. 

Today, applications open for the Child and Youth Care Diploma at Bow Valley College. The program prepares the learner to work with children and youth with behavioural and emotional challenges. It also has an Indigenous focus. Krista is considering applying. “I feel that something like this is going to help me go home and help my people,” she says. 

Helping her people is Krista’s main interest. In fact, she already mentors individuals in her community, including single mothers and children. She has done as much as invite one of her mentees into her home, and help this individual rebuild her life. 

At Bow Valley College, what Krista enjoys best are the instructors. “You can tell which ones are passionate because they make it easier to learn,” she says. 

To learn more about our Child and Youth Care Diploma, visit our program page.    

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Posted on March 20, 2018 

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