President's Message

Welcome! Operating since 1965, Bow Valley College has deep roots in the communities and province we serve.

Our commitment to communities and industry begins with our learners. We believe in creating and inspiring transformative learning experiences that foster the lifetime achievement of our learners and alumni. With an emphasis on applied, outcomes-focused education, our learners gain the technical skills, interpersonal skills, and discipline to be productive and adaptive in industry as well as engaging in community.

Our College is experiencing tremendous growth as more adult learners turn to our focused foundational and career programs to invigorate their career and attain personal fulfillment. Through small class sizes, accessible learning resources and supports, and flexible program delivery options, we ensure that diverse peoples can find a place here that meets with their learning styles, attends to their aspirations, and fits around life's other responsibilities.

As the comprehensive community college for Calgary and the surrounding region, our future and vitality are bound to those of our communities. Our success is our communities' success and vice versa. Together with our partners in community, industry, and governments, we are acting in concert to make an enduring contribution to a modern and diversified economy and to our communities' well-being.

We are proud to teach and support adult learners, encouraging them to vigorously pursue their full potential, which in turn supports communities and industries in reaching theirs. 


Dr. Misheck Mwaba
President and CEO

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