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1000 Women Rising

76% of Bow Valley College learners are female. Average age 27. Many are parents. We know that so many of them are at risk of program withdrawal due to a few common, but key barriers. You can help female learners overcome those barriers to learning and career success so they, their family and the community can rise. Find out more about the 1000 Women Rising initiative here.

Adult Literacy

Canada's Illiteracy Crisis

The world can be a small and perilous place for individuals who cannot read. Basic signage, medication labels, job applications all become inaccessible. And four out of ten Canadian adults have literacy skills too low to be fully competent in most jobs in our modern economy.

What are we doing about it? – Bow Valley College is launching the Adult Literacy and Essential Skills Research Institute (ALESRI).

Why? – because when individuals learn how to read and write they have the power to lift themselves out of poverty, lower health care costs, find and keep sustainable employment, and change their lives. And when individuals do well, so do their families, communities, and employers.

Create a Student Award or Bursary

You can establish an award, scholarship or bursary to honour academic achievement, community service, or help students who need a financial boost so they can reach their educational goals. Perhaps you'd like to recognize a mentor or someone who has impacted your life or career with an award in their name – or honor the memory of someone special in your life. Student awards can accomplish all these things, and our team looks forward to hearing your ideas and interests.

Early Childhood Development

Children's social-emotional development is the critical foundation for lifelong mental health and well-being, and impacts many of society's most critical structures – the education system, the health system, social services, the justice system, our economy.

Yet in Calgary, 30 per cent of children entering kindergarten are experiencing difficulties, according to the Early Childhood Mapping Project.

In response, Bow Valley College has launched a unique program named CEDAR (Centre for Early-Childhood Development and Applied Research), to develop the crucial missing link between research and positively impacting the day-to-day lives of our children, families, and communities – particularly those who may face barriers via economically disadvantaged, Indigenous or diverse backgrounds.

Indigenous Initiatives

Supporting success for Indigenous learners is a key area of focus for Bow Valley College, including through the Elders Program in the Iniikokaan Centre. Programs and resources focus on Indigenous learners, opportunities to embed Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing into curriculum, and creating deeper understanding of Indigenous culture and history across the campus community. The College builds strong working relationships with Indigenous partners in our region to help achieve these goals.

Learning Technology

Technology is not the point of learning – but it is a critical element in delivering innovative learning programs. This is particularly true, and particularly valuable, in expanding the range and flexibility of options available to meet the needs and styles of our busy, adult learners. The College places a high priority on creating and supporting these options, and also on ensuring learners do not face a “digital divide” in terms of their own technology, or the College's, that would be a barrier to effective learning.

Creating a Legacy

You can create a legacy in education by increasing opportunities for our students by combining your estate and tax planning. For more information, contact Ila Rakhi or view our Legacy Giving FAQ guide.

Tribute Gifts

Tribute gifts are a wonderful way to honour a special someone, an inspiring colleague or a pivotal community-builder by making a gift in their name. You can recognize their years of service, celebrate a retirement, acknowledge contributions, celebrate a milestone anniversary, wedding, birthday, or otherwise create a special honour. We look forward to speaking with you about we can help create the tribute you have in mind at Bow Valley College.

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