Launched in 2015, WannaB Wednesdays are semi-monthly lunch and learns (lunch included). The events are uniquely designed to create opportunities for all Bow Valley College students to learn Entrepreneurship from a successful local Entrepreneurs one week and two weeks later apply what they learn from prior lunches by helping a social start-up or struggling social entrepreneur solve problems such as:

  • How to generate revenue
  • What to name their company
  • Which market niche(s) to pursue
  • Ways to validate their business model
  • Effective ways to reach their target market
  • How to differentiate themselves from the competition

Participants in WannaB Wednesdays build problem solving skills, learn how to use decision making tools, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset which prepares them for a bright future as either an Entrepreneur or working for Entrepreneurial run company

Spaces are reserved for students until three days before each session.  Remaining spots are also made available to the public.





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