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  • January 07, 2019
  • May 02, 2019
  • August 29, 2019
Course Delivery

  • In Class
  • Home Study

We are no longer accepting applications to the January 7, 2019 intake.

We are no longer accepting applications to the May 2, 2019 intake.

The Home Study portion of this program refers to exam preparation at the beginning. Required courses are taken in-class.

Program Description

You will begin with a semester of workshops, self study and exams to show your nursing knowledge gained from past nursing programs and experience. Your goal is to pass at least seven out of 15 subjects challenged. Once that goal is reached, you will join the main program to take the rest of the subjects required.

The length of time (eight to 16 months) and the cost of your program will depend on how well you do in that first semester.
As an internationally educated nurse in the Practical Nurse program you are required to write the Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES) assessment soon after you join the main Practical Nurse program.

International students are advised to consider the 5-Term Practical Nurse Pathway.

After graduation

When you graduate, you’ll be eligible to become licensed with the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta if you pass of the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam.

There are many opportunities for continued studies after your graduate. A few of these are: 

  • Athabasca University – Post-LPN Bachelor of Nursing Degree Program
  • Thompson Rivers University Open Learning Division – Bachelor of Health Science (57 credits) and Bachelor of General Studies (60 credits)
  • University of Calgary – graduates of two-year Bow Valley College diploma programs will be awarded up to five full course junior open options
  • University of Lethbridge – Post-Diploma Bachelor of Health Sciences – Public Health 

The cost of completing exam preparation workshops and challenge exams is roughly C$1,050 (subject to change). The cost of completing the remainder of the program depends heavily on the challenge exam results, which determine how many courses will need to be completed. Refer to the course fee chart for individual course tuitions. Additional expenses will include textbooks, learning materials, lab kits, and police information check fees.

Application Checklist
Applicants must apply to the Practical Nursing Internationally Educated Nurses Pathway  program online.The following documents must be submitted along with the application:
*Transcripts must be original and must outline all courses and grades achieved. An English translation is required in addition to the original if applicable. 
Challenge Exam

The courses you will challenge are listed below:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology (ANAT1101)
  2. Adult Health Assessment (NURS1201)
  3. Human Growth and Development Across the Lifespan (PSYC1201)
  4. Mathematical Principles of Medication Administration (NURS1301)
  5. Applied Pharmacology (NURS1102)
  6. Pathophysiology (NURS1103)
  7. Nursing Arts (NURS1101)
  8. Nursing Foundations 1 (NURS1202)
  9. Nursing Foundations 2 (NURS1203)
  10. Nursing Foundations 3 (NURS2204)
  11. Maternity Nursing (NURS2501)
  12. Pediatric Nursing (NURS2502)
  13. Mental Health Nursing (NURS2503)
  14. Community Nursing (NURS2504)
  15. Health Education: Personal Health And Wellness (NURS1302)
Mandatory Courses

The courses you must take at Bow Valley College include:

  • any course in which the passing grade was not achieved;  
  • Interpersonal Relationships and Communication (COMM1101);
  • English Composition (ENGL1201);
  • Sociology of Ageing (SOCI1301);
  • Nursing Trends and Issues (NURS2303);
  • Clinical Experience – Medical/Surgical (NURS2402); and
  • Professional Preceptorship (NURS2995).


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Admission Requirements

Academic requirements
  • Proof of Registered Nurse (RN) licensure
  • Proof of graduation from a recognized registered nurse program
  • Minimum final mark of 60% in English 30-1 or 70% in English 30-2 or equivalent
  • Credit in Math 20-1 or a minimum final mark of 60% in Math 20-2 or equivalent
  • Minimum final mark of 60% in Biology 30 or 60% in Anatomy and Physiology (ANAT1101) at Bow Valley College or equivalent
English language proficiency requirements
Pre-clinical requirements

Students who do not meet the following requirements before the first day of clinical will not be allowed to participate in clinical placements under any circumstances:

  • CPR Healthcare Provider Level Certificate must be updated every 12 months.
  • Bow Valley College requires that practical nurse learners have a current Police Information Check (PIC). PICs are valid for the duration of the PN Program. Learners are responsible for informing the School of Health and Wellness if there are changes to their PICs during the PN Program. The Police Information Check must be dated no earlier than ninety (90) days prior to the start of the Practical Nurse program.
  • Immunization requirements: Details about immunizations are provided after being accepted into a health care program. Up-to-date immunizations are valid for the duration of the program.

Notes regarding ANAT1101

  • Applicants may complete Anatomy and Physiology (ANAT1101) at Bow Valley College before the program through Open Studies, pending availability.
  • ANAT1101 is a compulsory component of the Practical Nurse – Internationally Educated Nurses Pathway challenge exam. Students who opt to take ANAT1101 to meet the entrance requirements are not exempt from any portion of the exam.
  • Please note that post-licensed practical nurse Bachelor of Nursing programs might not accept ANAT1101 in place of 30-level science courses.

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Prospective Student Centre

Room S1111, South Campus
345 - 6 Avenue SE
Toll-free: 1-866-428-2669

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