Course Description

This course is not part of a program.

This course aims at developing an understanding of self as a provider in the Canadian health professions context and in relation to Canada’s Indigenous peoples. It explores the foundations of professional nursing, relational practice, and therapeutic communication skills necessary for interacting with patients, families, and health care team members.

This course covers topics such as understanding culture, cultural stereotypes, communication styles, non-verbal communication, effective listening, cultural differences in healthcare, and building cultural competence.

This course includes topics such as the historical context of Indigenous peoples in Canada, traditional cultural beliefs and practices, the impact of colonization on Indigenous health, how to communicate respectfully with Indigenous patients and families, understanding the role of elders in Indigenous communities, and the importance of cultural safety in healthcare.

This course focuses on cultural awareness by facilitating International Educated Nurses (IENs) to recognize and understand Canadian expectations of patient advocacy before identifying possible challenges and obstacles that could impede their ability to fulfill those expectations.

The course promotes reflection on personal perspectives and experiences to understand one’s own attitudes, beliefs, and values so they can adapt and develop an understanding of Canadian values, and ethical considerations in communication.

Delivery Format

Asynchronous online, where you have the support of a course facilitator to be successful.

Completion Timeframe

45 hours of self-paced learning material with 15 weeks for completion.



Learner Requirements

Access to a computer and a stable internet connection. You are required to complete all self-study modules and assessments.

Access Time

You have 15 weeks’ access to your electronic materials included in the course, starting at the first of the month. Failure to start your course content on your start date may negatively impact your success in completing the course.

Refund/Extension Policy

Course refunds are at the discretion of Bow Valley College. Please contact for more information.

These courses are not eligible for an extension. If you do not complete the course content within your registration timeframe, you will have to re-register and pay for the full tuition again.

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Course Offerings

Any-time Online

A course delivery mode where learning activity takes place at times and locations of the learners own choosing through the use of online communications technologies. Learners are NOT required to participate in any scheduled learning activities, but scheduled exams may be required.

Start/End Date

Jul 1, 2024 - Oct 14, 2024




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