Micro-Credential Description

The Performing Data Analysis micro-credential requires learners to apply both manual and machine-learning approaches to identify, characterize, and evaluate relationships that exist in datasets to explain observed outcomes or to build simple predictive models. Learners will then translate results into actionable, evidence-based business insights. 

The first step in exploratory data analysis (EDA) is pattern identification. To identify patterns within the data, learners utilize descriptive statistical methodology that is relevant and meaningful to the project goals. Learners use graphical analysis to explore relationships and correlations within the dataset.

A variety of methods are used to handle missing data and outliers within the dataset. To categorize the data, learners build unsupervised learning models.

Use your knowledge and experience to immediately achieve your credential by completing an employer-validated assessment.

Who is this micro-credential for?

If you are someone with experience and expertise in data management and analytics or have applicable skills and are looking for a credential to pivot efficiently into a new job or sector, this micro-credential is for you!

This micro-credential will give you the experience to perform the following job functions:

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Scientist
Recommended experience and preparation:

Micro credentials are assessment-first and build on existing knowledge and experience to suit individual needs and address specific gaps.

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