Micro-Credential Description

The Acquiring and Wrangling Data micro-credential requires learners to identify, locate, and acquire high-quality, project-relevant data from various sources, and then clean, transform, and augment it to produce fit-for-purpose datasets that are ready for analysis.

Students who receive the Acquiring and Wrangling Data Micro-Credential will also get credit in Data Acquisition (DATA3404) and Data Wrangling (DATA3405).

In this micro-credential, learners locate and select relevant, high-quality data that meets the requirements and constraints of a project. Learners then extract data from different sources (a database, a website) using the appropriate techniques (SQL, web-scraping, and Application Programming Interface (API).
Who is this micro-credential for?

If you are someone with experience and expertise in data management and analytics or have applicable skills and are looking for a credential to pivot efficiently into a new job or sector, this micro-credential is for you!

This micro-credential will give you the experience to perform the following job functions:

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Scientist
Recommended experience and preparation:

Micro credentials are assessment-first and build on existing knowledge and experience to suit individual needs and address specific gaps.

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