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The Intercultural Competencies for Leaders Certificate Program is essential for anyone working in a diverse workplace. It helps develop a global perspective and mindset and offers useful tools to build intercultural sensitivity and enhance intercultural communication skills.

A certificate is awarded on the successful completion of the following four courses:

  • IIAD 9101 Intercultural Competence 1
  • IIAD 9102 Intercultural Competence 2
  • IIAD 9201 Supervisory Skills in Intercultural Teams
  • IIAD 9301 Indigenous Awareness: Engaging Diversity and Inclusion

Intercultural Competence 1 and 2 offer important introductory concepts that influence the underpinnings of the final two courses.

New: IIAD 9401 Developing a Global Mindset.  Reinforce your learning from the above courses and further strengthen your intercultural competence with a personalized, targeted, and actionable plan.

Additional Information

  • Employers may be reimbursed for up to two-thirds of the training costs through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.
  • Course fees: $295.00 per course
  • This program has been designed for facilitated online delivery. It can be modified for a workshop environment for organizations who prefer this delivery mode.

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