IBM Skills Academy

Bow Valley College is the first hub for the IBM Skills Academy in Canada.

Develop the skills you need to open doors to thousands of Calgary tech jobs in less than a month with part-time training. Pursue a career in Data Analytics, Network Security, or Application Development and earn globally-recognized IBM digital credentials.


 Data Analytics  Network Security   Application Development

DATA9301 IBM Business Intelligence Analyst

 ISEC9201 IBM Application Security Technologist

SODV9201 IBM Cloud Application Developer

DATA9302 IBM Predictive Analytics Modeler  ISEC9202 IBM Security Intelligence Technologist  


If you have limited experience in the above areas, consider enrolling in our Essentials courses first.


 Data Analytics
 Network Security
 Application Development

DATA9101 Business Intelligence Essentials

ISEC9101 Application Security Essentials

SODV9101 Cloud Application Essentials

DATA9102 Predictive Analytics Essentials

ISEC9102 Security Intelligence Essentials


Your organization could receive up to two-thirds off training costs. Find out if you qualify for Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding.

IBM Skills Essentials Courses

The six Essentials courses prepare you for the six Academy courses.  If you have some experience you may not need to take the Essentials course, just register in the IBM Academy course of your choice.

IBM Skills Academy Courses

Each of the six Academy courses earns a microcredential and competency.

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