Course Description

Module 8 is the Capstone Project in which participants apply what they learned in the previous seven modules. Working in small groups, participants will select a project that will:

  1. Audit, assess, and improve their current maintenance department, or,
  2. Develop a new maintenance strategy in their company, or
  3. Resolve a significant maintenance issue within their department. 

There is also the option of developing a “Greenfield” maintenance strategy and program. This option requires instructor approval.

Successful completion of this course prepares participants for the Maintenance Management Professional certification and designation.

Additional Information

Course Material / Textbook(s) Required:

PEMAC Module 8 Workbook, Version 11.00

Please note that the normal refund policy is not in effect for this course. 

Hours: 30


Module 1: MMPR9101 - An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management
Module 2: MMPR9102 - Production and Operations Management for the Maintenance Manager
Module 3: MMPR9103  - Human Resource Management for the Maintenance Manager
Module 4: MMPR9104 - Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager
Module 5: MMPR9105 - Developing and Implementing Maintenance Tactics
Module 6: MMPR9106 - Maintenance Work Management
Module 7: MMPR9107 - Computerized Maintenance Management Systems


Individuals who successfully complete all eight modules and are members of the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC) can apply for the Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) designation from PEMAC. PEMAC is recognized by the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP) as an approved provider of continuing education and training aligned with key subject areas related to reliability and physical asset management.

The MMP program is approved by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Department, Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) program and for Continuing Education Unit Credits by Alberta and Ontario Water/Wastewater Operators.

Course Offerings

Combined Online

A course delivery mode that combines elements of non-scheduled and scheduled activity. Learners will be able to participate partly at times of their own choosing and are also required to participate in some scheduled online learning activities. Scheduled exams may be required.

Start/End Date

Dec 4, 2020 - Feb 5, 2021



8:00 AM - 5:00 PM





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