Start Dates

  • September 05, 2023


Program Delivery

  • In Class
Tuition & Fees

Domestic: CAD $37,998
International: CAD $66,996


Program Description

Advanced Film Production is a full time, two-year program comprising the five principle domains of live action film development: Directing, Producing, Production Design, Cinematography and Postproduction. Students of the Advanced Film Production program will build in-depth knowledge around these core principle areas of filmmaking and learn the rich history of each area as well as emergent technology driving these fundamentals in filmmaking today.

Admission Requirements

  • High School Diploma or equivalent 


  • English 30-1, English 30-2 or equivalent



  • Portfolio submission which should include a written submission (maximum 500 words) or a short video (maximum 5 minutes) based on the following:
    - A short essay about a film you like and why (what makes you enjoy it)
    - A short essay about the film you want to make
    - A short essay about a film you saw and how you would change it
    - A highlight reel or portfolio of work that you have created (maximum 5 minutes) and this video should be hosted on an online platform like Youtube or Vimeo (through a link)

    If you have questions or need support for your portfolio submission, please email programs@thecea.ca.

Admission is considered on a first qualified, first admitted basis. Do not submit admission documents until after you’ve applied for admission. Portfolios cannot be reviewed before you’ve applied for admission.

Learners who do not have adequate samples for the portfolio submission may wish to enroll in the Foundation in Entertainment Arts Certificate before pursuing a diploma.

English language proficiency requirements

For applicants whose first language is not English, please review English language proficiency requirements.

Domestic Applicants

Welcome Centre
South Campus – Main Floor

International Learner Applicants

International Education
North Campus – Third Floor

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