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  • May 08, 2023


Program Delivery

  • Any-time Online
  • Blended
  • In Class
  • Real-time Online
Tuition & Fees

Domestic: CAD $5,402
International: CAD $13,747
Estimated Book Costs: CAD $1,200

Not all courses may be offered in each delivery modality each semester.

The maximum course load for Fall or Winter semester is five (5) courses. Taking less than five courses for Fall or Winter term will take longer to complete the program. If taking condensed courses in the Spring/Summer term, the recommended maximum course load is two (2) condensed courses plus one (1) full-term (Spring/Summer) course. Students may elect to register in any combination as long as no more than two (2) condensed spring or summer courses are taken at the same time.

Note: Students can maintain full time status with at least three courses.

Program Description

Be a vital part of a medical practice and ensure patients get the care they need. This program focuses on practical skills and knowledge in health care fundamentals, medical terminology, and current computer and software skills. You'll gain the skills needed to manage the flow of electronic and paper-based information in a medical office setting. Our graduates have excellent job prospects and our employment rates are consistently high.

Time commitment

This is a one-year (two term) certificate program. A standard course load is five courses per term. Students can maintain full time status with at least three courses. Taking less than five courses per term will take longer to complete the program.

Learning options

Courses are available both in class and online. Please note that not all courses may be available online each semester. Consult with Academic Advising Team to assist with your program planning. 
For courses with scheduled final exams, they are required to be completed in person or at an approved invigilation site.

Field Placement (Optional)

Field Placement offers you the opportunity to use your new skills in the workplace, receive strong mentorship, gain valuable experience, and enjoy networking opportunities. Field Placement is offered as an unpaid, non-credit work placement scheduled immediately following the successful completion of all required courses.

Applicants must meet all eligibility criteria and follow the application process to be accepted into Field Placement. The application process aligns with the competitive nature of a job search and candidates are responsible for demonstrating a high level of professional and program expectations. Not all applicants are guaranteed a Field Placement.


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Domestic Applicants

Welcome Centre
South Campus – Main Floor

International Learner Applicants

International Education
South Campus – Main Floor

Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements
  • Credit in English Language Arts 30-1 or minimum 65% in English Language Arts 30-2 or equivalent 
  • Credit in a Grade 10 math (excluding Math 10-4 and Math 16 levels)


Successful completion of the General Educational Development (GED) test that consists of five tests with a minimum score in the following sections:

  • Interpreting Literature and Art: 520 minimum standard score
  • Writing Skills: 520 minimum standard score
  • Math Test: 450 minimum score


  • Satisfactory results on the Bow Valley College Admissions Test  
English Language Proficiency Requirements

For applicants whose first language is not English, please review English language proficiency requirements.

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Domestic Applicants

Welcome Centre
South Campus – Main Floor

International Learner Applicants

International Education
South Campus – Main Floor

Employment Rate


Training Related Employment Rate


Based on 2019-2020 domestic and international students who self-reported finding employment or training-related employment within 6-12 months after graduating.

"Going back to school was a lot easier than I thought. It is a diverse campus with a wonderful reputation. The tuition and fees are reasonable and I could start the program right away. Bow Valley College was my only choice. "

Tamara Deilissen

Medical Office Assistant, Graduate 2017

Course Listing

Full course outlines are available here.

Curriculum subject to change.

Students may complete the courses in any order subject to prerequisites.

Term 1

Required CoursesCredit

Learners examine interdisciplinary roles and responsibilities needed to be successful in an administrative support role within healthcare. Through an exploration of wellness, resilience, communication, teamwork, diversity, and reconciliation, learners apply strategies to enhance self-awareness and workplace relationships.

Learners explore common fundamental topics within various healthcare settings with a focus on organizational structure, team member roles, safety, policies, and procedures. This course examines the importance and impact of legislation, regulations, and ethics required for success and employment in healthcare administration.

Medical Terminology I introduces learners to industry accepted language and conventions in health care. This course provides learners an opportunity to interpret and apply commonly used medical terms, symbols, and abbreviations.

Confident business communication requires learners to explore the changing landscape of digital media, while developing writing skills and techniques to compose competent, professional communications. In this course, learners explore research tools to aid in effective oral presentations and strengthen interpersonal skills to be an effective communicator in the Canadian workplace.

This course is aimed at providing a hands-on learning experience with a Windows operating system and computer applications (Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint) used in a business environment. Learners will develop skills and gain experience to create business documents, navigate, consolidate, and analyze data across multiple worksheets, manage professional communications, and create electronic presentations.

Term 2

Required CoursesCredit

This course continues the instruction in the language of medical terminology and builds on the previously learned subject matter in HUCL 1401. Medical Terminology II integrates word components into exploring body systems, pathological conditions, lab and diagnostic procedures, and medication/drug classifications.

In this course, learners explore the essential administrative competencies required in a health care setting. Learners demonstrate proficiency in performing these clerical skills to support the provision of care in a fast-paced health environment. It is recommended that MOAS1401 Clinical Skills for the Medical Office and MOAS1501 Health Information Systems be taken concurrently when enrolling in this course.

Learners explore health funding models in Alberta within the context of the Canadian healthcare system. Learners account for medical office revenue streams and expenditures, and use best practices to participate in the financial operations of a medical office.

This course provides instruction for a clinical assisting role in a medical office. Learn how vital signs are measured, how to prepare clients and equipment for assessments and procedures, and to complete both patient screening and simple diagnostic tests.

This course includes the application of health information systems to conduct administrative workflows, including health records, financial transactions, and medical billing. Learners utilize practice management software and Patient Care Information Systems throughout the course. It is recommended that this course be taken concurrently with MOAS1201 Administrative Skills for Health Care and MOAS1401 Clinical Skills for the Medical Office.

Work Experience Courses

Optional CoursesNon-credit

This course prepares learners for employment opportunities by developing marketing tools and skills for interviews.
Prerequisite: Completion of 15 program credits

Through experiential learning, this course bridges academic study with industry or community partners. Representing Bow Valley College, learners have the opportunity to: use their technical skills; observe and integrate into work culture; work on human skills; network with industry colleagues; gain reference(s); add experience to their resume; gain potential employment or referral; and receive feedback from an employer. Open communication is maintained throughout the work term between learners, hosts, and career advisors.

Program FAQs

The Medical Office Assistant Certificate is an intensive 30-week program that prepares graduates to perform effective administrative and client service duties in a medical agency. Duties can include front desk reception (such as answering the telephone, scheduling client appointments, preparing charts, filing, medical billing) and select pre-screening clinical skills (such as weighing clients, measuring vital signs, and assisting the physician as required).



To best support the efforts of physicians and other health care professionals, medical office assistants should be highly organized and attentive to detail. Those who can prioritize and multi-task, are personable, and can maintain their composure under stressful conditions while addressing the needs of health personnel and the public are most successful in this field.


Employment statics for various occupations are updated and managed by the Alberta Government. Please refer to the Alberta Learning Information Services: Occupation Profile (link below) for the most current information. Positions for Medical Office Assistants are competitive and dependent on labour market conditions.   

Alberta Learning Information Services: Occupational Profile


Medical office assistant graduates typically find work in medical offices and clinics, hospitals, health and chiropractic centres, insurance agencies, and private businesses.


The Alberta Government provides up-to-date information on Alberta’s occupational profiles including wage and salary information. Click on the link to find out more.  Alberta Learning Information Services: Occupational Profile


Bow Valley College prepares the medical office assistant learner for employment in a medical or health-related clinic. The program includes training in both administrative and clinical skills appropriate for the medical office or clinic, which includes financial management skills, medical billing, and the use of health care applications.

The hospital unit clerk learner is prepared for employment in a hospital setting. The program includes training in processing medical orders, operating hospital information applications, and administrative skills for a hospital nursing unit. Some health regions specify that a hospital unit clerk certificate is a job requirement. However, hospital unit clerk graduates have transferable skills that enable them to find employment in other health settings as well.

There are several courses that may be identical in the two programs. If a learner completes one of the programs, and wishes to gain a certificate in the other, the learner can apply for transfer credit for these identical courses.


Yes. The Chiu School of Business has many learners that return as adults and bring excellent life and work experience skills to their learning and new careers. Job opportunities for program graduates are significant regardless of age. Employers seek candidates who demonstrate maturity and sensibility.


Planning your course schedule according to availability and prerequisites requires some consideration.

Once you are a registered student in a program at the Chiu School of Business, our Academic Advising Team can also assist you with planning. 



Click on the link below to find out about Computer Requirements. 

Computer Requirements

Some courses might require additional software or applications packages. You will be given this information before starting the course.


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