All about the Bow Valley College Scotiabank Mentorship Program

The Bow Valley College Scotiabank Mentorship Program aims to create pathways for students within the financial services industry.

The Bow Valley College Scotiabank Mentorship program was co-created by Raj Brar, MA, CFP, instructor at the Chiu School of Business and Tasnim Tharani, Senior Consultant, Talent Acquisition, Western Canada (2019). The objective of this program is to provide valuable networking opportunities for our learners within the financial services sector.   


This Mentorship Program is open to students enrolled in the financial services major. The self-driven nature of the Bow Valley College Scotiabank Mentorship Program means that mentees will have a significant level of autonomy and responsibility for their own learning and development. This approach allows mentees to take ownership of their career development and work collaboratively with their mentors to achieve their goals.

Successful candidates in the Bow Valley College Scotiabank Mentorship Program meet during the annual kick-off meeting in January, where they are each paired with a branch manager from Scotiabank. Mentees and mentors are expected to meet at least once a month for a period of six months. Each pair creates a customized plan that outlines specific learning objectives and goals for each meeting. Mentors work with their mentee to identify the specific networks that will be involved for each meeting.  


Participating in a mentorship program like this can be highly beneficial for students. They can gain insights into the industry, learn about career paths, and develop relationships with potential employers. Additionally, having a mentor can help students develop their professional skills, build confidence, and make informed decisions about their career goals.


While the program is designed to last for six months, it is hoped that the connections and relationships formed between mentors and mentees will continue to grow and develop beyond that period.


We launched our first cohort in January 2020. At the time, we did not anticipate a global lockdown. Fortunately, our mentors and mentees adapted and continued with our pilot launch,” Raj says. “This is our fourth year in operation and the first time that we were able to celebrate our kick-off meeting in person, on campus again.”


The Bow Valley College Scotiabank Mentorship Program is one of many exciting features included within the Financial Services Major. Additional features include:


  • Three Mentorship Programs (BMO Mentorship Program, the Bow Valley College Scotiabank Mentorship Program, and the BVC TD Financial Planning Mentorship Program.
  • Three annual networking events for learners enrolled in the investment funds in Canada course (FNSR2303): Resume / CV Review Event, Speed Networking Event, Mock Interview Event.
  • FP Canada Approved CORE and Advanced Education Providers Status. By successfully completing the following four courses: FNSR2301, FNSR2302, FNSR2303, and FNSR2304, learners fulfill the core and advanced education requirements as a part of the path to write their QAFP or CFP designation exams.
  • An opportunity to participate in the nationwide Canadian Institute of Financial Planning Case Challenge.

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