Bow Valley College featured in CICan Are We Ready? report

Bow Valley College is proud to be featured in Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan)’s recently published report Are We Ready? Climate-focused Curricula, Applied Research, and Campus Infrastructure in the College and Institute Sector

This publication follows CICan’s commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions on campuses across Canada by 2050. The report reveals how CICan members integrate principles of sustainability across academic programming, applied research, and operations. Our contribution on page 54 highlights our publicly facing “green screens,” which show the energy and water use of our buildings in real-time. These screens are located on the first floor of South Campus across from the Welcome Centre and near the entrance to the +30 in North Campus. In addition to real-time utility data, these screens have information about various sustainability initiatives and events on campus. 

Bow Valley College has been engaged with CICan for several years on the topic of climate change. In 2020, we joined the Campus Sustainability Project Working Group as part of the ImpAct Initiative. This two-year project brought together institutions from across the country to create and share resources related to sustainability. The momentum behind this working group eventually led to ImpAct Climate, a five-year program funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada with the mission to increase awareness and promote behaviour change to reduce emissions. Bow Valley College is proud to be a member of the National Planning Committee for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction through ImpAct Climate. 

Our students are involved in this conversation as well. Two members of our Sustainability Committee, Krizia Chew and Eartha Daliuag, recently participated in a focus group hosted by CICan to develop a national communications strategy in support of ImpAct Climate. Eartha and Krizia’s contributions are helping to shape a national conversation about climate action in the college sector. 

For more information about Bow Valley College’s sustainability initiatives and efforts to reduce emissions, please visit our Sustainability Office webpage or read our 2021 Sustainability Report

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