Legacy of Giving: one alumna’s journey from recipient to donor

Jennifer Robinson was a single mother of two children aged two and eight when she decided to change her career and take a Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) diploma at Bow Valley College. "I loved the flexibility of the LPN program,” Jennifer says. “It allowed me to only take two years off work instead of four. They understood adult learning and encouraged different skill sets and levels of education."

Taking the LPN program at Bow Valley College allowed Jennifer to get the skills and education for her career while having enough time and resources to take care of her two children. Jennifer found support through the College in the form of awards and bursaries. She was a recipient of the award from Russell and Helena Memorial Fund which helped make it possible for her to focus on her studies and care for her family.

After graduating in 2013 Jennifer began her career as a nurse. This career allowed Jennifer to improve her life and give back to the College: in 2022, Jennifer became a donor. "I wanted to help others succeed the same way I had. I received gifts while going through there. Financial aid can be life-changing. I wouldn't have made it without it."

Give back on Giving Day

Our students strive to receive quality education and build their careers. Like Jennifer, many have responsibilities beyond their studies, including employment and caring for family members. At Bow Valley College, we value the support of our donors in helping students achieve their academic and career goals. We know that when Bow Valley College students receive support and give it back to the College once they excel in their careers. 

On Giving Day (November 29, 2022), Jennifer encourages other donors and alumni to join her in the annual giving movement and donating: "The future of our economy positively affects everyone. You have the power to encourage change," says Jennifer. "I feel it's important to give back to Bow Valley College because life is not about what you get but what you put into it." 

Learn more about Giving Day and how you can support the global generosity movement here:

Giving Day | Help us reduce food insecurity for students (


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