Joelle Mason


Donor-funded awards help students keep their educational and career goals in sight

The culture of support and giving at Bow Valley College, and in our community, positively impacts students’ education and career success.

For Bow Valley College alumna Joelle Mason, a business Administration Diploma graduate, donor-funded awards were pivotal in not only her academic success at the College, but also in entering into her career post-graduation. “Financial need bursaries and awards helped me to take the next steps in my career and make a positive change in my own life which then allows me to help others,” says Joelle. “I am able to do this without having a large amount of student debt holding me down.” 

Joelle was the recipient of Bow Valley College donor-funded awards including, the Matched Savings Bursary program, the Legacy Builder Endowment Scholarship, and the Randy and Marilyn Ward Diversified Staffing Award.

Along with the support she received through awards, Joelle also credits the quick but impactful timeline of her program and the support of her instructors in allowing her to enter the workforce confidently.

Part of Joelle’s reasons for choosing Bow Valley College included the “One reason I chose to study at Bow Valley College is that the two-year, diploma program is an Accredited Program by CPHR Alberta meaning upon completion I could waive the National Knowledge Exam and be one step closer to my professional designation,” she says “Secondly, the program was tactical and could easily be transitioned into the industry.”

For the last four years, Joelle has worked as an HR Generalist for a data analytics consulting firm where she says she uses what she learned at the College every day. Having joined the company shortly after it was created, Joelle has been a key figure in creating and building the people operations practice from scratch for the Calgary-based start-up. Her short-term goal is to complete and submit her Validation of Experience to CPHR Alberta in 2023 and receive the CPHR Designation and eventually become an HR Director.

“I would say that my time at Bow Valley impacted my life significantly. It provided me with an environment to accomplish the goals I wanted to achieve all while building an incredible network of peers and teachers,” she says.  “My experience at Bow Valley College happened because of some incredible people The instructors and many others supported me and helped change the course of my future. I can't thank them enough for their impact and the work they do every day.”

Joelle says she believes the importance of giving is summed up in the words of Dr. Loretta Scott: "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” 

Give back on Giving Day

Bow Valley College's Giving Day aims to support student success – by continuing to ensure access to a high-quality education is available and attainable for our students, no matter their background. We are committed to removing barriers for our students, including financial barriers, language barriers and ensuring our students have the support they need to combat food insecurity seen on our campuses this fall.

Joelle’s story proves that students who are supported and successful in their studies strengthen our community. Alberta’s communities are built by people who have the courage to tackle difficult obstacles to make a difference in their own lives and those around them. As we’ve seen many times before, our communities are improved by lifting one another up when times get tough.

This Giving Day, we hope you will consider helping our students continue their academic and career journeys.

Learn more at: Giving Day | Help us reduce food insecurity for students

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