Brandi Rawson


Bow Valley College grad knows firsthand the impact of giving

Donor-funded awards helped keep Brandi Rawson motivated in her studies.

At Bow Valley College, we value accessibility, and meeting our students where they are at. And Brandi Rawson, proud Bow Valley College alumna and 2020 graduate of the Disability Studies program, knows this. 

“I visited Bow Valley College with my daughter and fell in love with it myself. I thought, maybe I can do this! And I did,” Brandi says. “It had been a long time since I was in school, but everyone was so welcoming. Students helped each other, and I learned a lot from the College’s diverse student population.”

Brandi and Bow Valley College alumni like her have taken their Bow Valley College education and applied it right away in the workforce. Brandi is currently employed as an educational assistant for children with complex needs in a classroom setting, making a real-world impact. 

“Bow Valley College wasn’t just accepting. It was inviting. I never felt like my age or my skin colour held me back. It’s an inviting place for everyone – all ages, sizes, shapes and colours,” Brandi says.

Brandi was a recipient of two donor-funded student awards as a student at Bow Valley College: the Dean’s Scholarship, School of Community Studies, and the Premier’s Community Commitment Scholarship. “These awards were so valuable to me. I funded my education myself, and these awards motivated me to keep going in my studies,” Brandi says. “It’s all about community and trying to support people to do what they want to do, without financial burdens holding them back. When I talk to people about Bow Valley College, I tell them about all the things they have to offer, including awards and scholarships.”

Brandi’s experience isn’t unique. In 2020/21, more than 655 students were supported with more than $990,000 in awards and bursaries helping to alleviate the financial pressure many of our students face.  We invite you to join us this Giving Day on November 30th to make your gift, and give students the tools they need to complete their education and get to work in our community. 

Up to and including November 30, the Bharwani Foundation will match each donation of up to $50 (to a total of $20,000) given to the Bharwani Foundation and Community Future Education Fund. The fund will support four new student awards for all of our students including awards for single parents, BIPOC students, and newcomers, representing the diverse population that the College serves. 

For more information on how you can help us and make a real impact, visit our Giving Day webpage.

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