Erinn Joy Mediran


Proud Bow Valley College alumna shares her giving story

Our graduates have always given back to their communities. As Bow Valley College alumni, they are making an impact in their industries and networks.They know firsthand the challenges students face because they’ve been there, too.. Alumni like Erinn Joy Mediran-Canda, a 2019 Business Administration Certificate graduate, faced those challenges head-on during their time at Bow Valley College. Erinn’s time at the College motivated her to give back too.

One of my most important decisions was to enroll at Bow Valley College. Everything just fell into place after I started. I got my education, I got a work placement, and a job offer in the same place. I think Bow Valley was just the best decision I made,” Erinn says.  She also knows the impact donors make on the lives of students. “Every student has different struggles. Getting an award is not just about the financial help. It’s about being proud of yourself because you work hard, and it motivates you to keep working hard.”

During the pandemic, Erinn knew she had to pay it forward. “When I received an email from Bow Valley College about an opportunity to help students— particularly international students like myself  who are trying their best to study and work at the same time in a foreign land — I wanted to help in any way that I could,” she says. “I was a recipient of other peoples’ generosity when I received a student award in 2019, so I thought this was the perfect time for me to give back the blessing I once received.” Erinn donated to the COVID-19 Emergency Bursary Fund and contributes monthly to the Financial Needs Bursary, ensuring students in financial need will have access to funds needed to continue their education, free from financial stress.

The family atmosphere Erinn experienced at Bow Valley College is one of the primary reasons she chose to give back. “My time at Bow Valley College was an everyday journey to learning new things and meeting new people that eventually became my friends and even became like a family to me,” Erinn notes. She was also a peer tutor during her time as a student and values volunteering. “I tried to enlist in various volunteer opportunities because I got to meet a lot of amazing people from whom I learned so many things. Things that I would never have learned inside the four corners of a classroom.”

Erinn knows the impact Bow Valley College made on her life and is eager to share her experience and encourage others to give back to the College that helped set her up for success. “I will forever be grateful to Bow Valley College for helping me build a career in Canada.” She encourages others to get involved too. “Pay it forward. Give. Spread goodness with no strings attached. You may not be able to help the whole world, but you can make a difference in someone’s whole world.”

On November 30, we invite you to give back to our students, like Erinn, to help inspire them to reach their potential and help build our communities by joining the Giving Day movement at Bow Valley College. This Giving Day, consider donating to help inspire students like Erinn reach their potential and complete their education. Give now or visit our Giving Day page for more information.

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