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James Bos gets his dream job with help from our regional campus.

James Bos was a taxi driver, but he was looking for a new career. He wanted to go to school close to his hometown of Strathmore. Had he needed to commute to Calgary every day, the price of parking would have been costly, and the experience frustrating.   

“I was pretty happy to find the College in Airdrie and High River,” says James, who enrolled in the Health Care Aide Certificate there. He started in November 2016, before the program became available at our Strathmore campus.

He also chose a career as a health care aide because of the nature of Strathmore’s population. Being a retirement community, James, who was 45 at the time, figured this is a career he could stay in until his own retirement. 

Today, James is working his dream job as an aide with Bayshore HealthCare, providing home care to clients in remote county areas. He says his instructors and peers at the College helped him get there by offering to act as references for his application. He likes his job because he’s always liked serving people, and has always been very social. “I like that these people are very happy to have me in their homes to help them out with their daily living,” he says, adding that one of his favourite people to meet is a man who lives on a farm, because he always expects him.

Another interesting aspect about James’ life is that he acts on the side. He says working as a health care aide has helped him open up this hobby due to the flexibility of his schedule. “Working with my employer to make that happen has really been amazing,” he says. 

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Posted on April 24, 2018

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