First Day on Campus


Starting a new adventure

First day of Fall 2018 classes brings a mixture of nerves and excitement.

Yesterday marked the official start date of Fall 2018 classes at Bow Valley College and the feeling around the campus was a mixed bag as always. Some students were smiling and confident, fully ready to take on their next challenge. Some students were reserved and nervous, looking for their new classes in a sea of fresh faces. However, the common theme amongst all the students was that they came to school that day with a purpose: to learn, to advance and to get themselves ready for their next step - be that a rewarding career or further academia. Kaylee Dawson is one of our new students and she is at Bow Valley College to prep for medical school.

Kaylee is a first-year Disability Studies student and is excited to start classes after looking into various options to get into the medical field. Kaylee came to Bow Valley College on strong recommendations from her peers. “I heard that the staff and the faculty were absolutely phenomenal here. I just got amazing reviews.”

Although there are nerves about knowing very few people at Bow Valley College, Kaylee’s outlook is ultimately positive with a healthy dash of ambition and drive. She came to school on the first day ready to conquer her courses and she couldn’t be happier to be at Bow Valley College.  “I’m looking forward to excelling in the program because I know that I can. I feel like I’m starting a brand new chapter. I feel that I am going to go places.”

Click here to view Kaylee's first day.

Kaylee was most certainly not alone on her first day of school. Bow Valley College is teeming with new students awaiting their chance to prove themselves in the academic and professional world.

Nursing Students  

Among those new students are Casidy Zeller, Bailey Lang and Ashley Juhasz who are excited to start the practical nursing program this year in Okotoks at one of our regional campuses. They love that the school is only a few minutes away from home, citing this as a primary reason for coming to Bow Valley College. They also heard of the excellent hire rate out of Bow Valley College’s Practical Nursing Diploma program and are excited to gain more knowledge about medicine, being with patients, helping people and biology. Yesterday was an exciting day for these three and the best and rest is yet to come.

However, not everyone who graced our hallways yesterday was a new student as we have many returning students finishing their next semesters. Aela Fejzulla remembers her first day at Bow Valley College in January of 2018. It seems like it was so long ago and Aela has learned a lot since then and has been helped by the college along the way.

“The programs here are fantastic, there’s endless support. Not only the instructors, there is also academic advising. I always found that someone was reaching out to me. There are learning leaders you can talk to and tutoring, but the first day anxieties are always guaranteed.”

 Pharmacy Technicians 

A group of Bow Valley College Pharmacy Technician students agreed on that. When asked how they were feeling about their second year, they answered: “Stressed!” However, they have their eye on the prize and are looking forward to learning more this year, graduating and eventually getting into the pharmacy field.

Every new semester at Bow Valley College is filled with new opportunities for students. The first day of school is just the first step in a journey towards an amazing college experience and fulfilling employment. It was incredible to see our hallways packed yesterday and we look forward to our upcoming academic year. Thank you to all those who call Bow Valley College home and welcome to all of our new and returning learners. It’s great to have you here.

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Posted on August 31, 2018

Written by Chad Baird

Photos by Chris Bolin

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