23rd Annual Premier's Scholarship Luncheon - Silver Sponsors

Premier’s Scholarship Recipient’s Resilience Rewarded

For more than 20 years, Maria Wendy Carlos Hajcik struggled with an alcohol and drug addiction. Today, she is proud to share her story of more than four years of sobriety – and her new life of helping others on the same journey.

As a recipient of a 2018 Premier’s Community Commitment Scholarship, Maria was invited to speak at the Premier’s Scholarship Luncheon on May 11.  She expressed gratitude on behalf of the five recipients each of this year’s Premier’s Scholarships, and Premier’s Community Commitment Scholarships, as they were honoured at the event for their academic programs and contributions to the community.

23rd Annual Premier's Luncheon - Maria Hajcik

Because of her addictions, Maria dropped out of school in grade 9. She returned to Bow Valley College to complete her upgrading in 2015, which she finished with an 85 per cent average. She began her Addiction Studies Diploma program in 2017, and plans to complete it by 2020.

“I know that people need help and they deserve a chance to get better,” Maria says. ”I love helping people, especially people on their recovery journey. That is what I want to do in my career and in my life.” She is already working in her field, mentoring women in a continuing care group, on their own recovery journeys.

23rd Annual Premier's Scholarship Luncheon - Award Recipients

Bow Valley College offered much to Maria in the way of friendships and mentors, through which she says she has grown spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. She knows they are there to help her when she needs it while pursuing her dreams. And the Premier’s Scholarship has helped relieve the financial stress of going to school.

“This scholarship is a great honor to receive and helps me financially,” she says. "I feel humbled by this award and extremely grateful that I was chosen to receive this.”

Thanks go to all of the event sponsors and donors who contributed funds for the Premier’s Scholarships Fund.



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23rd Annual Premier's Scholarship Luncheon - Sponsors

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