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Partners in continuing learning

Wing Kei Care Centre and the College educate health care aides together.

Elaine Elemino was wanting to do more in her job. As a health care aide at Wing Kei Care Centre — which cares for Chinese seniors in the community — she was providing care to seniors, but didn’t have the education to assist with giving medication. “It [was] hard to help out,” says the Philippines-born Calgarian. 

During their annual performance evaluation, Elaine and a few of her colleagues voiced that they’d like to take a course to be more informed on the subject. So, their employer responded by hiring Bow Valley College to teach Advanced Assisting with Medication Delivery right at Wing Kei. “I always love to provide education for students to learn,” says Jane Tse, director of care at Wing Kei.     

Wing Kei and the College have been partners for eight years. The care centre offers placements to our learners from the Health Care Aide Certificate and the Practical Nurse Diploma, with so many of our students wanting to work at the centre, notes Kathy Tam, CEO at Wing Kei. Kathy and Jane were therefore happy to welcome the College to teach Advanced Assisting with Medication Delivery, a School of Continuing Learning course. 

Amber Phelps, an instructor in the School of Health and Wellness and the Chiu School of Business, taught the course. “Getting to know the staff in their actual environment is a bit more casual, more personal,” says Amber. “It’s a fun learning environment. And I can cater to what they need at their facility.”

Amber adds that the experience gave her an appreciation for an organization like Wing Kei. “They’re a strong community, and a really culturally influenced community,” she says.

Elaine Allenger, programming officer in the School of Continuing Learning, says that on-site education lets employers customize their course schedule and align the offering to their processes and policies. “We try to make quality continuing education for our healthcare providers as convenient and affordable as possible,” she adds. 

It’s also a way to support our partnerships with community organizations.  

The School of Continuing Learning at Bow Valley College offers a variety of contract courses and workshops for employers. To start the conversation on continuing learning, employers can email study@bowvalleycollege.ca or call 403-476-2223.

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Posted on August 20, 2018

Story by Julie-Anne Cleyn, photos by Chris Bolin

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