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Understanding feng shui

Can you find good fortune through feng shui? We asked Carrieanne Fonger the question.

Carrieanne Fonger was sick with a strange illness. The doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. Carrieanne also lived in an old house where lots of things were breaking down. 

But Carrieanne knew what she had to do. She had to move away from that house in order to get well. Because Carrieanne is a feng shui consultant.  

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of positioning objects in harmony with nature to bring good fortune. “Feng” means wind and “shui” means water. “Understanding feng shui is understanding the harmony between wind and water,” says Carrieanne, who has been working as a feng shui consultant since 1998. “If you can harness the wind and the water of a landscape, you're in control of it.”

This April, Carrieanne will begin teaching the Feng Shui Consultant Continuing Education Certificate. In this certificate, she’ll teach ancient Chinese theories and how to apply them to your life, for example, by placing your furniture to benefit your health, wealth, and relationships.

But can moving your couch truly improve your life? “It actually can,” Carrieanne says. For example, if there’s lots of clutter or a broken window in your workspace, you’ll have problems with work. Still skeptical? Consider that 5,000 years ago, in Asian culture, people would build homes in front of a hill so it would protect them from the wind. Today, people who are very successful have a hill behind their house. “Survival skills is really how it developed.”

Even though most feng shui consultants do it as a side gig, it’s becoming more lucrative for interior design firms, with some real estate listings noting homes as feng shui-friendly. Feng shui is also similar to acupuncture, says Carrieanne, who is now a doctor of Chinese medicine offering acupuncture. 

Are you interested in learning how harmonizing your space can bring more fortune to your life? Sign up for our Feng Shui Consultant Certificate with Carrieanne – who by the way did get better after she moved. 

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